Thursday, July 28, 2011

HMS Dauntless (D33)

HMS Dauntless (D33) arrived In Halifax this morning.

From Wikipedia HMS Dauntless is the second ship of the Type 45 class of air defence destroyer built for the Royal Navy. She was built by BAE, and launched at Govan in January 2007, was handed over to the Royal Navy on 3 December 2009 and was formally commissioned on 3 June 2010

Today's Visit was a short one, as she took on Bunkers, And departed at 1700.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Scotia Dock II

The Scotia Dock II Returned to her normal place, next to the Nova Dock.
Her Side still appears to be Hove in, so its unclear what the prognosis is.

The Scotia Dock II sank in May 2010 while preparing to lift the Stevens Breaker.


Friendship tied Up at Pier 31. She appears to be loading Telephone Poles.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Ferries of Digby County

Petit Princess runs from Digby Neck to Long Island. She was built By Halifax Shipyard

The Joe Casey Was built By A.F Theriault on the Methagan river, and plies the waters between Long Island and Brier Island.

Kent Sunset

Last seen in Houston, Kent Sunset was anchored in Shelburne Harbour
She is a Dry Bulk Carrier, Built in 2006. Though she looks like a containership, her holds open up to store break bulk cargo.

Shelburne Ship Repair

Shelburne ship repair is another Irving yard ( Halifax Shipyard, St John Shipbuilding (NB), and East Isle (PEI) are the Others). The Yard is currently the home of the Pearl Mist. Built at Halifax Shipyards, her delivery was refused by the Pearl Seas Cruises for defecnies, inculding not meeting standards of various vessel Licencing Authorities, including the USCG and the Flag State (Marshal Islands). The Flag state issues are contractual and apparently trivial to resolve. The USCG Issues are outside the contract, and actully require the vessel to be turned over and crewed by the owner prior to certification.

The yard recently began several million in repairs and upgrades, including a new Marine Railway seen here:

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Bids Are In

Well, its now a case of Hurry up and wait.
The Quebec based Davie Yard, Had its sale to Ontario based Upper Lakes Shipping approved Thursday, Just barely making them eligible to bid. Irving Shipbuilding, and BC based SeaSpan Have also confirmed bids. 32 boxes of bid documents were submitted, and of those 16 belong to ISI.

For More, See (Via The Chronicle Herald) Battle of the boatyards Source: Halifax ship bid on course
Shelburne district backs Halifax bid

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Another CG Patrol vessel Snuck in to tie up at the Dartmouth Coast Guard Base. I believe this one to be the CCGS E.P. LE QUÉBÉCOIS

Better Photo

Update 2:
She departed, and returned today around Noon.


Halifax regular Maasdam departing Around Georges Island.

Pilot Boarding Massdam

Found By accident on JaniceNolan_braud Flickr Stream, They recently Visited Halifax on the Maasdam, and caught the Pilot boarding.

Pilot Boat at Halifax Harbour JN050579

Pilot Boat at Halifax Harbor JN050068

Monday, July 18, 2011

Evans Mckeil, and HM Dock 1

Evans McKeil Arrived with the barge HM Dock 1 and Tied up at Navy L. They will be taking the remaining Oberon Class Submarines to ontrio where 2 will be scrapped, and 1 will be turned into a museum. The 4th was towed to Rimouski PQ, and is already a Museum.

That tow, By the Tug Jerry Newberry had issues with the toeline parting, which I suppose was the reason to transport the remaining subs on a barge.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Second Voyage of the AFL New England.

The AFl New England arrived in the outer anchorage Last Monday, and sailed for Fairview on Friday at 1130 - looking empty. She departed for Portland at 16:30, with nothing on deck, so presumably the load fits in her holds.

We will see what this week brings

USCG Eagle

Thursday, July 14, 2011

USCG Eagle

CG Eagle arrived and Anchored in Anchorage 1. She will move to the Cable Wharf at 0830 tomorrow, and will be open for tours Tomorrow afternoon and throughout the weekend.

Originally named SSS Horst Wessel, she was is a sister ship of the German navy tall ship Gorch Fock. Built by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg, in 1936, She was handed over to the Americans as war reparations after the second world war.

Canadian Coast Guard Activities

The Louis M. Lauzier moved from the coast Guard base in Dartmouth to the South Battery (Bishops Landing) She will not be open for tours, Despite her public location.

Earl gray departed for some Buoy Maintenance in the approaches

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MarbleHead to Halifax

A large number of yachts are tied up today around the Royal NS Yacht Squadron (AIS Targets in the ARM) and on the waterfront. These vessels arrived yesterday completing the biennial Ocean Race from Marblehead MA to Halifax.

Also Seen today, A fleet of Opti's - training the sailors of tomorrow.

Monday, July 11, 2011

CCGS Louis M. Lauzier

CCGS Louis M Lauzier is a medium sized patrol vessel of 37.1 meters which operates up to 120 nautical miles offshore. The main use is for maritime security and fisheries enforcement.

She is tied up at The Coastguard Dock In Dartmouth.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Todays Traffic

K-Line Akinada Bridge at Pier 41.
Edward Cornwallis arriving with Earl Grey departing for Sydney

PCTC M/V Cougar Ace

The Port Authority lists the Cougar Ace arriving for Autoport on Saturday (July 9)
This is (as best I can tell) the first visit for this vessel.

She gained Some Notoriety in 2006 for Lying down on the Job (Via Cargolaw)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vladimir Ignatyuk

The Russian Icebreaking Tug Vladimir Ignatyuk tied up this morning at Pier 27. If she looks famailier, its because she is a Sistership of CCGS Terry Fox, built as Arctic Kalvik in 1982 by Burrard Yarrows in Victoria. She was sold to the Murmansk Shipping Co. in 2003.

Queen Mary 2

The first stop for a Cunarder this season, the Queen Mary 2 spent the day in port.

Also in Port, Stutgart Express

James River Bridge

On Canada day

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Todays Movements

Zim Virginia and Maersk Patras at Pier 41 and 42 respectively.

Talisman rotated 180 degrees to faclitate removing deck mountings from the other side of the vessel.

Bluenose II(I) Update

under construction, in Lunenburg.

She's open for viewing, Hard hat and safty glasses required.

(thats me)