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Yarrrrr Me’hartys its the weekly news #17

September 19 is talk like a pirate day. in that vein, this post has a parrot on its shoulder.

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1.AOPS1 Launched
the future HMCS Harry Dewolf Launched at the shipyard. we Covered it Here, here and here, plus the Front page of the Herald.

2. Ioffe repaired
I was told that as of Sept 13th repairs are complete. she sailed for Kugaaruk, where she will met a TC inspector who cleared the Ioffe to sail. She will be escorted through the Ice by CCGS Henry Larsen, bound for Les Mechins PQ, where Verreault Navigation has a large dry dock. Her ETA is the 24th, 1 month from when she grounded. Updates posted here.

3.Kingston class guns dispersed

MCDV’s now feature a large table forward.
The 40mm Bofors, dating to the second world war have been striped from the Kingston class MCDV’s, and will be installed in their Name Sake Cities.

4.Tidal Turbines
The open Hydro turbine is broken, and not spinning. I heard speculation that the turbine actually broke just after it was re-deployed, which is what caused the French parent company of Open Hydro to pull the plug.

Black rock tidal put  their test platform in the water for the first time, and will be deploying it in  Grand Passage. this unit was previously used in Scotland, and set power production records there. We covered the various turbines in this post.

5. Tag your.. a shark?!
DFO tagged its first Shark off Nova Scotia. Ocearch is in town to also run a shark tagging expedition. these are the folks who tagged Hilton the Shark , who summers of NS.

6.Cook’s ship Found

HMB Endeavour, the ship commanded by James Cook, has been found off the coast of the US.


Atlantic Raven Spent the weekend at woodside, departing for the west coast via panama

HMS Monomonth and HMS Queen Elizabeth II are in Norfolk VA. (Above, RN Photo Via twitter)


Port History of Ch’town

I recently discovered Sailstrait  which describes itself as “Telling the stories of the history of the port of Charlottetown and the marine heritage of Northumberland Strait on Canada’s East Coast.”

the above tweet possibly relates to this story about cars passing through ports, and at least in Montreal, Police Not Caring.


Sept 18, 1809 – 6 seamen are executed for mutiny on the sloop HMS Colombine. They were tarred and hung in iron cages on McNabs Is.

Sept. 17, 1949 – The S.S. Noronic catches fire – Toronto’s greatest single loss of life tragedy with at least 118 lives lost.

Sept 16, 1939 – HX1, the first convoy bound for Great Britain in WWII leaves Halifax
Sept 14, 1942 –  The aircraft carrier USS Wasp was sunk by the Japanese submarine I-19.

Sept 8, 1942 -SS Norfolk, ex-Glenbuckie (Canada Steamship Lines, Montreal) struck by two torpedoes from U 175, sinking in less than a minute, off British Guiana

Tag your.. a shark?! @ocearch #NovaScotiaExpedition

Hilton the Shark has reached a certain amount of fame this summer (and last) as it plies the waters off Nova Scotia. A Great White, He was caught and tagged of Hilton Head, NC, leading to his name. this year, he has spent much of the summer in the waters off Nova Scotia, Venturing into Mahone Bay, and was last tracked off Glace Bay.

Ocearch, the folks who tagged him, and several other sharks are in town, before heading to Lunenburg and off on a shark tagging expedition in the waters off Nova Scotia.

Ocearch is a former Bering Sea crab boat, Arctic Eagle, that was retired, and then converted to be a mothership for a a sport fisherman. That guy fitted a large boat lift, and when the boat turned out to be too slow for his needs, it was purchased for research.

Boats are placed in the water with the picking hook, and the actual shark fishing is done with hand lines from the smaller faster boat. Once the shark is caught, a submersible platform on the former boat lift is lowered into the water, and the shark brought aboard. the lift is then raised out of the water, with the ships crab tanks being used as ballast tanks to keep the vessel properly trimmed.

with the shark now parked on the platform, water is pumped over the gills to allow it to breath, and a towel placed over its eyes. the shark is then tagged, and various samples are taken. after about 15 minutes, the science is done, and the shark is released to go swim away.

Sharks are caught with Hand Lines, so all the fishing gear is for landing Bait, or fresh fish for the crew.  The area forward is known as the Tackle bar, For reasons.