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Sincerity Ace on Fire in Pacific.

sister ship Cougar Ace at Autoport. COugar ace developed a list off Alaska, but was saved.

The PCTC Sincerity Ace caught fire Dec 31, 1800 nautical miles west of Hawaii. The crew attempted to fight the fire, but has since abandoned ship. 16 were picked up safe, 3 were found deceased in the water, and 2 are missing.

A car fire is a job by itself. Put that car fire in an enclosed space, with additional vehicles in very close proximity, and the fire has the potential to become very large very quickly. A photo posted to social media shows the ship with significant damage to the side of the ship reaching from the upper part of the Blue section, right to the top of the vessel. This suggests multiple decks are involved. – the area of the fire would be where the ramps between decks are located, providing a channel for fire spread.

Controlling the fire will likely prove to be very difficult, as there will be limited direct access to the flames without boarding the vessel. the fire will probably need to burn itself out, then the salvagers can put out any hot spots.

General Arrangement of the Cougar Ace, showing deck layout.

The ship was built in 2009, and is part of the MOL car carrier fleet. The ship called at Autoport once in February 2013.

UPDATE: Jan 4/19

Sincerity Ace is reportedly still on fire and listing to starboard. the search for the one remaining unaccounted for crew member has been called off.

USCG Photo from Dec 31

Fires on Car carriers are not a new Issue. Last year the Honor caught fire after a recalled part in a car aboard the ship triggered the blaze. Another Ship, Courage had a similar fire in 2015.

in May 2018, the Auto Banner Caught fire in port in Korea, leading to the dramatic video above.

First Ships of 2019

Atlantic Tern was the first ship to arrive in Halifax in 2019, followed shortly after by the CSL Bulker Salarium. Atlantic Tern tied up at pier 9, while the Salarium anchored inthe inner harbour.

the container ship Crete I arrived on the 31st, and tied up at Fairview Cove, but will not be worked until tomorrow.

Ex CCGS Mathew Sold

The former Coast Guard hydrographic survey ship Matthew has been sold for $279,000.00. The sale took place Oct 24.  The buyer is currently unknown. The buyer has 50 days to complete vessel registration, we should see the ship registration transferred in the next week or so. Once registered, the new owner has 10 days to have the ship towed form the BIO Wharf.

2015-03 when she was still sailing as CCGS Matthew

The ship is still registered to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, however it was noticed that the ship is now listed for sale, presumably by the new owners, with TriNav Marine Brokerage of Yarmouth.

TriNav is asking 2.4million for the ship – perhaps a bit optimistic given the feds couldn’t sell in 3 attempts with asking prices over a million dollars.

UPDATES to Follow – when we find out who the owner is.

An Abbreviated Xmas Holiday Weekly News #31

1.A cup of Christmas Cheer
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year. 2019 will be the 11th year of us doing this. Anyway, Stay tuned for the Year in review, and Best photos posts.
previous years reviews can be found: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

2.Last drop
Sable Offshore Gas project will flow its last gas Monday, and the last phases of shutdown will take place, with the wells being capped. The Jack up Rig Noble Regina Allen has been working to cap the gas wells as the project is decommissioned.

3.This Week in the Herald
This week, You can find me on the front page of the Business Section. The Construction of the Halterm Expansion is Finally underway, for real this time.


Dec 29 1956 – HMCS Magnificent sailed for egypt to deliver troops and supplies, in response to the suez crisis

Dec 26 1943- RN sinks the German battleship Scharnhorst off Norway

Qikiqtaaluk W – Dead ship move into port.

the Woodward group products tanker Qikiqtaaluk W, has been anchored off Halifax for a number of days, and will be towed into port.

The Tugs Atlantic Oak and Spitfire III will be conducting the move from the outer anchorages to Pier 31. The ship sailed from Montreal on the 23rd, bound for Savannah Ga. under the Marshal Islands flag. it arrived off Halifax on the afternoon of the 26th, and has remained there since.

The Ship was built in Turkey in 2011, and is Ice Class A1. The Newfoundland Based Coastal Shipping is owned by the Woodward group, and spends the summer resupplying the arctic. in the winter, ships are laid up or charted out under foreign flags.

Update: After raising the anchor, the ship actully sailed into the harbour, turned around at anchorage 1, and sailed out again. where it picked up the tugs that brought it back into harbour as a dead ship move.

Track of the Qikiqtaaluk W. the squiggle to the right is where the ship anchored on arrival.