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Atlantic Cartier’s replacement, Part 2

With Yesterdays arrival of CSAV Rungue, the container portion of Atlantic Cartiers run was taken care of. Today Broght the Arival of the Pure Car truck Carrier (PCTC) GRAND BENELUX. Painted in the Colors of the Grimaldi group, She is operated by ACL’s Parent company, and stopped at Autoport to Replace the RO-RO capability that is not available with the container ship.

CSAV RUNGUE to replace Atlantic Cartier

On Sunday, CSAV RUNGUE is scheduled to stop at fairview cove for Atlantic Container Lines.
She is likely the charter vessel to replace Atlantic Cartier, which was damaged by fire.

She is a conventional container vessel, without a RO-RO capability. it is likely then that delays will be added to ro-ro cargo on ACL’s schedule. ACL’s schedule also show GRANDE ANGOLA arriving June 10th. She is a Con-ro ship, simalar to ACL’s vessels, and owned by thier parent Grimaldi group.

Atlantic Cartier fire

Halifax regular Atlantic Cartier suffered a fire in her roro deck last night in Hamburg Germany. Reports are 80 cars were damaged. No word on damage to the ship, though its probably significant.

Acl is building replacements for these vessels, so if damage is significant, Atlantic Cartier may go straight to the scrapers.

Next A4 Locomotive for the UK

The Train Geek pointed me to the Shipment of the second A4 Locmotive – The “Dominion of Canada”. It arrived in Halifax Yesterday from ExpoRail in Montreal, And will likely ship out on the  UK Bound ACL Vessel Next Monday.

As of this morning, the tender had been moved to a palet of some sort. It can be seen in the photos of The Previous A4 – the “Dwight D Eisenhower” which traveled via ACL August 27

Interesting Cargo for the UK.. More Locomotives

Through The Train Geek I learned that 2 British Steam Locomotives would be returning to England. The First, the Dwight D. Eisenhower arrives on the 19th, and has been transferred to Trailers, presumably to be loaded on a UK Bound ACL Vessel on Monday.

A second Locomotive, The Dominion of Canada will also be returned to England in the coming weeks.

Se the Train Geek Posts Here and Here

New vessels for ACL

ACL Has ordered new vessels to replace the currrent 4 vessels that call on Halifax.

From the Press Release:

Atlantic Container Line has signed a contract with Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding to build the five largest RORO/Containerships (CONROs) in the world. The G4 (Generation 4) vessels will replace ACL’s existing fleet of G3 CONROs operating in the company’s transatlantic service. 

The new vessels will be the first of their type ever built. They will be bigger, faster, greener and more efficient than their predecessors. The G4’s will have a container capacity of 3800 TEUs plus 28,900 square meters of RORO space, with a car capacity of 1307 vehicles. Speed will be increased by 10%, yet fuel consumption per TEU will be reduced by 50%. The new ships will continue to employ cell-guides on deck, a feature that will allow ACL to extend an enviable record: its ships have never lost a container over the side during the last 30 years. All five vessels will be delivered in 2015.

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