CSL Reliance – New name for an Old Face

The Bulker Barkald, recently made a run from Halifax to Philidephia. While in the City of brothery love,  She took a new name – CSL Reliance, but Maintained her Bahamas registry. She returned to National Gypsum yesterday with her new Identity.

She was built in Oshima, Japan in 2002 she was owned by the Torvald Klaveness Group of Oslo. Until November 2015 when CSL purchased her and Trilium Class vessel Balto. Both ships operates in the CSL International pool with ships of CSL Americas, Oldendorff Carriers, Marbulk Shipping Inc and Algoma Shipping Inc.

Under similar deals at the same time, Marbulk, which is owned 50/50 by CSL and Algoma, Purchased Balder (now Venture)  and Algoma  purchased Balchen (Now Algoma Vision) and Baldock (Now Algoma Value) from the Torvald Klaveness Group


A New Canadian

this post is a bit late..
Algoma Hansa tied up at pier 34 in Late July. As the sole foreign flagged tanker in the Algoma fleet, she was purchased with her sister vessel who would become Algosea. Algoma Hansa operated in an international pool of tankers, and was modified for seaway service during her 2013 routine drydocking. She was Canadian registered on July 31.

I caught her this past friday, performing a fire drill.


Bahama Spirit

the Algoma self unloading Bulker Bahama Spirit Pulled up for bunkers this afternoon. Though she is owned by Algoma, she is managed by V ships, and trades under the CSL International Fleet. She was built in 1995, and modified to add the self unloading gear in 2000.

She is registered in Vanuatu.


Its Wet Out.

Atlantic Condor Riding out the storm at anchor. Algoma Dartmouth Tied up at Pier9, to be more protected.

Wind south 40 knots with gusts to 50 in the Approaches. Wind becoming west 45 near noon with gusts to 55 then diminishing to 35 early this evening. Wind diminishing to Northwesterly 20 after midnight A few showers ending near noon.



AlgoScotia Anchored in the Inner Anchorage,her sister, Algonova is anchored in the basin

Fusion Anchored As well

Canada Express, inbound for Fairview Cove

SeaConger for bunkers in the basin.

AFL New England transited for her weekly stop at Fairview Cove.

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