Eastern Passage – Aquarious Leader at Autoport

The NYK line PCTC Aquarious Leader tied up at Autoport. She is a regular caller to autoport, as part of NYK RORO’s USCX service. She was built in 2008 and can carry 5980 cars.

The observant of you may notice a more head on angle then normal. The Tug Victorious and barge John J. Carrick are docked at the McAsphalt Dock, just forward of Autoport. Stay tuned for a post on that.


Bunkering Confirmed

With the arrival of Victorious, and her Barge to the McAsphalt dock yesterday, today brought the movement of the Algoma Dartmouth from pier 9 to alongside for transfer.

UPDATE: A clear day allowed me to get the shot today (01.31) It appears the  tug/barge will be topping up Algoma Dartmouth Directly.

UPDATE: Better Image Below


Bunkering Situation Resolved – Algoma Dartmouth to Remain

Algoma Central Corporation has entered into an agreement with Sterling Fuels Limited to continue marine fuel delivery services using its bunkering vessel, Algoma Dartmouth, in the Port of Halifax and surrounding area. This new arrangement will be effective upon the expiry of current agreements for fuel delivery services on January 18, 2014.

Algoma brought the Algoma Dartmouth to Halifax harbour in 2009 to provide marine delivery services within the Harbour for marine fuels produced at the Dartmouth Refinery. With the closure of this refinery in September, 2013, the existing source of supply for marine bunker and intermediate marine fuel blends ended.

Marine fuel customers will continue to see the same Algoma team on the Algoma Dartmouth. “This vessel and crew have a distinguished track record in their performance and service since 2009. We are very pleased to keep this team together to continue to meet the Halifax area marine fuelling requirements,” said Mr. Smith.

From Sterling Fuels Release – it would appear that they are charting the vessel and the crew from Algoma. A Sterling sister company already operates the McAsphalt dock in Eastern passage near Autoport, so presumably Sterling will be importing fuel to a tank there. Sterling is also related to the Miller Group, who provide road construction and waste disposal services in HRM.

Sterling is a Bunkering provider in the Great Lakes region.

UPDATE: Apparently the McAshpalt owned Tug/barge combo Victorious / John J.Carrick are on their way to Halifax with bunker product from Quebec.

UPDATE: Victorious / John J.Carrickare due on the 23rd to the McAshphalt Dock in Eastern Passage. If Algoma Dartmouth ties up there, we will know the plan.


BBC Pacific for Bunkers

BBC Pacific arrived at anchor just before noon for bunkers. A quick stop, she is scheduled to depart late this afternoon. Built in 2007, she can carry 338TEU, and features 2 holds with a tween deck.

She is typical of the general cargo vessels that trade in Halifax, though this is a bunker stop only.


Bunkering Kometik

Above – A daylight Shot. Bellow – A Shot From the Bridge, as the Bunker Barge comes along side with tug assistance

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