Stadt Cadiz at Pier 9b – Engine Troubles

Pier 9 is collecting a selection of Damaged vessels. The most recent addition is the Stadt Cadiz, which is the operated by CMA-CGM as their contribution to their shared service with Maersk.

She arrived, late, from Montreal last week, and then unloaded all her boxes and proceeded to pier 9. It is unclear if she will be repaired here, or will be towed to a shipyard somewhere.

The Bulk Carrier Harefield is still tied up, awaiting repairs to her damaged rudder. though work seems to have resumed in the past few days.


Herma P, going back

Herma P made a second appearance today at Fairview Cove. She is the ex Maersk Dryden, and looking sharp after a yard period after that charter ended. Her and her sisters are now appearing on Hapag Llyod services, likely on short term charters, while they cycle their fleet.

She was first in halifax at the end of march, and is now on the return trip.

Hapag LLyod has recently merged with CSAV, and is sending older and smaller ships to the scrappers, or selling them to other carriers.


Maersk Palermo at pier 26

Nothing says problem like an odd choice of pier and position. Maersk Palermo spent her usual saturday stop at pier 36, bow first. Maersk Palermo usually stops at pier 41, and on saturday that pier was taken by the Tiny Sina for Melfi. Also Maersk Palermo was bow first,Vessels at pier 36 tend to back in stern first, finally she appears to be balasted down in the bow.

Maresk Sails from montreal to Rotterdam via halifax, so its possible she took some ice damage in the river.


Allise P filling in

Allise P was spotted yesterday filling in on a trip for Hapag llyod’s PAX service. Built in 2007 in Ulsan, South Korea by Hyundai Heavy Industries, she was immediately chartered as Maersk Dubrovnik. That charter ended in December, and it would appear she underwent a work period before showing up on the PAX service. (Note the clean Paint)

She sailed last night for Southampton


Issues for Maersk Pembroke?

Maresk Pembroke Arrived on Monday,  2 days late for Maersk’s weekly Saturday stop. On arrival, She took 3 tugs, which is also unusual, and she is still in port today. Maersk Calls are typically a day at the most, and normally shorter.

this suggests there is a mechanical issue with her, and repairs are likely being made.

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