Oceanex Ends Service to Corner Brook

Oceanex vessels will no longer be sailing to Corner Brook NF. Cargo will be delivered to St. John’s and shipped over land. The company sighted dropping traffic levels and subsidized competition from Marine Atlantic as the cause.

Oceanex Runs 3 vessels, Connraiga and Oceanex Avalon sailing from Montreal, and Oceanex Sanderling from Halifax.

(Above) Oceanex Avalon departing St John’s (file photo)


Dalian Express to Anchor in the Basin

Hapag-Lloyd container ship Dalian Express looks to be the first victim of the closure at Fairview Cove. She is currently inbound, and was due to sail tomorrow afternoon, but will now have to wait until Monday for the terminal to reopen, and Atlantic Companion and London Express to clear the Pier. she will likely sail on Tuesday.

This could also affect other Rotations, with Fairview Cove being busiest early in the week.

(File Photo)


APL Coral has leaking Cargo

APL Coral not only didn’t sail as scheduled from Fairview cove yesterday,but this morning she moved forward a birth. The move was to facilitate todays arrival of Oakland Express.

APL Coral’s departure was delayed due to leaking cargo forming a minor spill. Atlantic Industrial Cleaners have be contacted to do the cleanup, and presumably the ship will sail once the spill is cleaned and the cargo secured/cleaned up.


BUXHAI for Hapag-Llyod

Due to weather induced delays, the Container ship Buxhai arrived at the outer anchorage yesterday, and moved to Fairview Cove this morning. Built under the current name in 2005, she then serverd on charter to MSC as MSC Lausanne until that charter ended in 2011, and she reverted to her original name.

I believe she is filling in for the HS Beethoven, which was damaged in December when a container stack toppled, damaging a bunker tank.


MSC Monterey update – all fixed.

you may remember at the end of December, a crack was discovered in the deck of the container vessel MSC Monterey, and her passengers evacuated. the ship then took shelter in St. Mary’s Bay Newfoundland,. She Sailed for Boston today, with an eta of the 15th.

Inspection and ultrasound reveled the crack was simply a failed defective weld, and could have a final and complete repair made on site. The original plan called for the installation of stiffeners, to re-inforce the ship so it could make a shipyard. This is no longer necessary.

The repair was delayed by wether for several days. the crack did not grow, and no pollutants were released.