CSAV Lluta for Fairview Cove

With Hapag-Llyods recent merger with CSAV, we now seem to be getting a regular stream of CSAV Vessels on the PA1 Service. this may continue, or it may simply be a matter of the line shifing its ships as newbuilds come on line.

Today brought the arrival of CSAV Lluta. Built in china in 2009, she is owned by Schlter K & Co, and has a capacity of 4200 TEU making her smaller then the normal vessels on the service.


Another random charter for Hapag Lloyd

Today brought the arrival of Quadriga to Fairview Cove. Built in 2008, she carries 3400TEU which is considerably smaller then the vessels they normally run. The recent changes may just be due to periodic maintenance, or Hapag is shuffling vessels due to new 14000TEU new-builds coming on line, and additional capacity to Halifax via the G6 Alliance.


Virginia for G6

Todays G6 Arrival to fairview cove is the Virgina, formerly APL Virginia. Owned by NSC Schiffahrts GmbH, she is of the same yard and Design as Zim Haifa, Zim Beijing and Zim Savannah, all of which are regular callers in Halifax.

She was built in 2005.

Photo to follow.


MOL Paramount Returns

Today brought the Foged in arrival of the MOL Paramount for Fairview Cove. the MOL Paramount is now running as part of the G6 Service, Previously serviced by APL and Hapag-llyod Vessels.

MOL Paramount previously visited Halifax as part of a shared service with K-Line. In that Service, 3 MOL vessels rotated with K-lines *Bridge Vessels. The Photo Above is from that Service.


Shipfax reports that on entering the harbour narrows, MOL Paramount had a control issue, and came dangerously close to the Dockyard. Adm. John Newton, Commander of MARLANT, tweeted the following pictures, presumably taken from his office, just past the Macdonald bridge.

The Second image is most interesting, as it shows crew on the roof of the bridge, which is typically setup as an emergency conning Position.

Looking at the vessel tracks, they are not abnormal – note that the track is well away from the force protection booms, and even aligns with what we expect in our monthly traffic average image.


Busy Afternoon

 I cant recall A time there were so many vessels moving in the harbour at once.

1. Jana Desgagnes (Above) Moved from the Basin to Ultramar Dock In Eastern Passage

2. Cartagena (above) departed the Ultramar Dock for Sea . Outbound She Passed the Victorious and John J Carrick who moved from the mcasphalt dock to Anchorage #1 earlier. She Also Passed the NT Dartmouth who was heading out to bunker the Algoscotia (Below) who had just departed from IOL for Anchor.

3.Frio Kyknos (Below) remained at Anchor.

4, Boston Express inbound for Fairview Cove. Add to this assorted tugs, and Ferries, and the Harbour was a very busy place for a bit.


CMA CGM returns to Halifax

The Chronicle Herald today announced the return of CMA CGM to Halifax with the doubling of the weekly Maersk Service. CMA CGM Currently book space on the Maersk St Laurent Service, but will be adding their own vessel to the rotation. Unlike what The Herald reported however – The St Laurent Service will not be doubling.

The service currently operates with 4 Vessels Making a weekly Call on Saturdays – Maersk Patras, Palermo, Panang and Pembroke. The CMA CGM vessel is  Antje Wulff, and scheduled to arrive May 3. She was built in April 2013 and carries 2700 TEU, which is 200 TEU smaller then the Maersk Vessels.

When you look at the schedule, Maersk Patras is removed from the service, so there is no increase in capacity, or change in schedule.

CMA CGM ran their Black Pearl Service to Halifax in 2009/2010, but suspended it in September 2011


APL Belgium, Parked Backwards

APL Beligum spent the day at Fairview Cove, port side to the Pier.. Ships Tend to prefer to back into the births, as they can steam straight out. When She Departed, just after 1600, the tugs backed her out into the basin, and she then proceeded forward through the narrows, in a move similar to one you would make backing out your driveway.

Ships at piers 41/42 at Halterm will also turn on arrival, So the Bow Faces in the outbound direction.
In this case they probably wanted to touch up some paint, or do some other work on that side of the vessel.


Ocean Emerald for Melfi Lines

The Parade of vessels for Melfi continues, with the Ocean Emerald arriving yesterday. As of this morning, Cargo operations appear to have ended, so she is likely waiting out weather.

Melfi seems to run a parade of vessels, some vessels being stable on rotation, and others switching out every trip. Ships Jan S and Fritz Reuter seem to be the most stable, with the other 2 vessels floating.

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