Melfi Ship #3 this Week.

The third Melfi Lines vessel Vecht Trader arrived this morning and tied up at Pier 42. This is her first trip to Halifax, and is one of the vessels replacing Marwan/Teval who went to the scrappers earlier this year.

Renate Shulte sailed on Wendsday, and Heinrich J on Thursday, Both Bound for Havana Cuba.


Cold Day at the Pier

 (Above) Zim New York Backing into Pier 41. It was a cold Operation for the Pilot, with -22 temps with the wind chill, they were well bundled out on the bridge wing. (Below)

 Hienrich J (below) Occupied Pier 42. She Appears to be unladden, so I would imagine she will be loading today. She waited out the Holiday yesterday at the dock. She and the Renate Schulte both sail for the Melfi Lines, But with Renate Schulte Damaged, She managed to catch up. She is scheduled to Sail Tomorrow. The  third Melfi Ship VECHT TRADER is also due to arrive tommorow.


Renate Schulte has a hole

The container vessel Renate Schulte has been laid up at halterm since before Christmas. What was originally thought to have been holiday related delay, turns out to be a hull repair. she reportedly has a 4×4 hole cut in her port side as the anchor came loose and cracked a plate. As a result of the crack, the bow thruster compartment flooded.

Thanks to Mac at shipfax for the tip that there was an issue with the vessel.

UPDATE: word is the original contractor walked away from the job in some sort of dispute. The work was supposed to be completed in Ireland.


Saudi Abha

 The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia made its monthy stop in Halifax with the Saudi Abha. A Container and RORO vessel, she is simalar to vessels Used by ACL. NSCSA ships make a monthy stop in Halifax.

UPDATE 13/12 sources say this vessel is bound for the scrapers shortly and this was to be her last trip to Halifax.

Todays arrival was Wet and Foggy. The Chebucto Pilot Precceded her arrival.

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