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Halifax Shipyard wins 2 repair contracts

MV Oceanex Sanderling (Above), a container/cargo ship owned by Oceanex Inc., is scheduled to arrive into Halifax Shipyard’s Nova Dock during the second week of October 2013 for a two-week project to perform routine maintenance and repairs.  The project is projected to require approximately 90 employees.

Later in the fall, the MV Holiday Island (Below) is expected to arrive at Halifax Shipyard for two weeks of general repairs and routine maintenance.  The Passenger Ferry is owned by NFL Northumberland Ferries Limited and is expected to make its call into the Nova Dock in the November timeframe.  This project is expected to require approximately 50 employees.

(Both images File Photos) There is a rumor around that the GSF Grand Banks is Due for a refit over the winter. Halifax Shipyard is in the running for the work, however there may not be able to do the work due to issues with winter painting.

Drugs Found in Halifax Shipping Container

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced today that a seizure of over 50 kg of cocaine at the Port of Halifax, and destined for Ontario, has resulted in two arrests.

On August 12, 2013, CBSA officers noted anomalies in X-ray images while examining a marine container containing a shipment of tire changers and balancers from Panama. After further examination officers located and seized 40 bricks of hidden cocaine totalling approximately 53.5 kilograms. The Container likely came off Rotterdam Express at Fairview Cove.

The narcotics were turned over to the National Ports Enforcement Team (NPET) which is comprised of the CBSA, RCMP and Halifax Regional Police for further investigation.On August 25, 2013, members of the RCMP conducted an operation in the Vaughan area of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which resulted in two arrests. Three search warrants were also executed as part of this ongoing investigation.

A first Visit for Berlin Express

Today brought a first visit to Halifax for the Berlin Express. Arriving from Caligri, she is likely on the G6 service (Though wasent initially named to the rotation, her 3 other class mates are. As a member of Hapag Llyods Dalian Express Class, she is 7500TEU, and is Identical to Dalian Express, Yantian Express  (Both vessels have allready called on Halifax) and Ningbo Express.

Hapag Llyod vessels on the PAX Service range between 4000-6000TEU and Are members of the Kiel, Kobe and Dallas Express Classes.

Photos to Follow.

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