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Zim backup

Zim Barcelona is currently anchored off pier42 mostly empty. Zim Rio Grande is currently in the outer anchorages. Zim Barcelona departed pier 41 earlier but was unable to sail due to high seas and wind shutting down pilotage operations. Zim rio grande is unable to enter for the same reason.

One vessel did enter port. The offshore tug Ryan Leat has a pilotage exemption

Last Visit for the Renate Schulte

I have recived word that today is the Last stop in Halifax for the Renate Schulte. She is still suffering from a broken bow thruster, and needs more repair work.

She is due to be replaced by the Micheal A. The Michael A is a unique ship, in that it is run my a german outfit called Sky Sails, who outfit their ships with giant kites, to use the wind to save fuel.

You can find out more about the Michael A and her sky Sail at


Fusion runs a regular service from Halifax to the French islands of St Peirre and Miquelon. She Previously traded on the route under the name Fort Ross, And was renamed when she was replaced by Dutch Runner, a nearly identical vessel with different owners when the contract changed hands. She returned to service when the contract came back. The Nills B also filled in when Fusion was undergoing maintinance.

The Vessel is Very flexable, Having holds,Cranes, Container Mounts, and a ramp allowing RORO cargos.