Busy Day

Todays First arrivals were CMA-CGM’s Stat Gera,

and Melfi Lines Hansa Catilina

Followed By the Curise Ships Massdam (pier 20) and Caribian Princess (pier 22)

CCGS Earl Grey Entered port Just Prior to 0900

and HMCS Montreal and HMCS Moncton Departed.

The PCTC Electra Arrived in advance of Atlantic Cartier,

But Had to wait for the PCTC CSAV Rio Salado to Depart AutoPort, as she was running late.

While the Navy Conducted Winching Exercises on the jetty at Shearwater.


OOCL Hong Kong

OOCL Hong Kong Spent an hour in the inner harbour yesterday afternoon, presumably due to an issue with bridge clearances. OOCL Vessels usually pass with 2-3m (6-9′) of clearance, so a particularly high tide could delay passage. Checking the Tide Tables for yesterday, the Tide was ebbing (declining), and an hour delay would only be about 20cm. (8″).

Ships are often held if there is a potential Jumper on the bridge. This also would result in traffic Being stopped.


New feeder Service

Be on the lookout for AFL New England. Atlantic Feeder lines has announced a new service between Halifax, Boston and Portland Maine. Reports have the Service starting in the next week or so, and the Vessel is currently tied up in Portland.

The Vessel (from marinetraffic.com)


Lions Gate Bridge and other traffic

A Rarity for me to capture, K-Line Vessels always seem to arrive and depart at awkward times. Lions Gate Bridge (Named for the Bridge in Vancouver)Arrived at Halterm just prior to Berta.

Atlantic Cartier Trailed the Both of them

Earlier in the Day, Oceanex Sanderling Arrived (Autoport), As did the Liberian registered tanker Glenda Melissa (Imperial Oil)who is apparently very New, due to very clean paint, and only 1 photo of her being available of her in New Jersey 10 days ago (Via Shipspotting).

New York Express Picked up her Pilot at 1530, and Zim Mediterranean took up Anchor in The Outer Anchorage, Due at Halterm Tomorrow Morning. Berta and Lions Gate Bridge are scheduled to depart Early this evening.



Berta Arrived today as originally planned, filling in for Reykjafoss (who is believed to still be in Agentia NFLD). As Reported at Shipfax Berta first arrived on may 16th, outside of what Eimskip Published.

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