Familiar Scrappings

8542530692_28e23fa2c8_o Maersk Patras was a regular caller in Halifax on the weekly Maersk call, But had been replaced by Em Kay in 2014. On November 2, she suffered an engine room fire 90 miles ESE of Las Palmas. she lost all power, was towed to port, and offloaded. Given the ships age, She is likely bound for the scrappers given the market for small container ships and the damaged engine room.


Atlantic Erie is also bound for Turkish scrappers. She ran aground in January 2015 leaving port in the Magdalen islands with a salt cargo. She was refloated, and surveyed. With extensive hull damage, she hasn’t sailed since. Atlantic Erie was a regular caller in Halifax over the years, and underwent a work period in 2009 at Halifax shipyards.




CSL Reliance – New name for an Old Face

The Bulker Barkald, recently made a run from Halifax to Philidephia. While in the City of brothery love,  She took a new name – CSL Reliance, but Maintained her Bahamas registry. She returned to National Gypsum yesterday with her new Identity.

She was built in Oshima, Japan in 2002 she was owned by the Torvald Klaveness Group of Oslo. Until November 2015 when CSL purchased her and Trilium Class vessel Balto. Both ships operates in the CSL International pool with ships of CSL Americas, Oldendorff Carriers, Marbulk Shipping Inc and Algoma Shipping Inc.

Under similar deals at the same time, Marbulk, which is owned 50/50 by CSL and Algoma, Purchased Balder (now Venture)  and Algoma  purchased Balchen (Now Algoma Vision) and Baldock (Now Algoma Value) from the Torvald Klaveness Group


Pioneer for the scrapers?

Straight Area Shipping News is reporting a source has indicated the bulker Pioneer is headed for the scrapers in Turkey.

A Self Discharging Bulk Carrier, Pioneer frequents National Gypsum. She was built in 1981 as Canadian Pioneer, and was renamed in 1988. She is operated as part of the Canada Steam Ship Lines International (CSLI ) fleet.

With new trillium class vessels joining the fleet, older vessels will be replaced.

Bulkers in the Basin

This morning brought the arrival of 2 bulk caries to the Basin. First up is the fully loaded bulk carrier Hanjin Buchanan. The Panamanian flagged ship is carrying a cargo of iron ore from Port Carter, PQ. She is likely stopping off to be inspected for Ice Damage. She anchored in the Basin.

Also tying up a National Gypsum is CSL’s Bulk Carrier Salarium. This vessel is on long term charter hauling salt out of the Magdeline Islands, however Ice has probably led her to find other work for a few trips. (File photo above from her last refit and paint job in halifax.)
UPDATE 03/31:
Tug Atlantic Oak spent the day with the Hanjin Buchanen, suggesting that her issues require a loss of power to resolve.

Salarum Sailed at 1800


CSL Tacoma Anchored in the Basin

CSL America’s New Geared Bulk Carrier CSL Tacoma arrived this morning and anchored in the basin. Built in 2013, she is one of CSL’s New Trillium Class. CSL Tacoma is the last of the order, and departed Chengxi Shipyard in Jiangyin, China on October 12 en route to Port McNeill, British Columbia. as a Panamax Vessel, she would have come through the Panama Canal.

CSL Americas Operates 6 Trillium Class Pananmax Geared Bulkers. Canada Steamship Lines operates  4 trillium class Great Lakes Geared bulk carriers. CSL Claims these are the cheapest and cleanest to operate bulk vessels in existence.
I Attempted a photo, but was obscured by snow.

CSL Acadian

Hot on the heels of sister ship CSL Metis first visit to Halifax for a load at national Gypsum, CSL Americas Bulker  CSL Acadian arrived last week for some repair work. Like the Metis, She was built as an oil tanker in 1981, and when purchased by CSL, the tanker portion was removed, and a new build bulk carrier forebody installed.

She moved to Anchor this morning. It is believed this is CSL Acadian’s first visit to Halifax.

UPDATE: Apparently she was to have her prop removed and repaired, however the work crew was unable to remove it. She Sailed on the 23rd, but is due to return where another crew will attempt it.


CSL Metis for national Gypsum.

Yesterday evening brought a first appearance (At least in my 5 years of records) to CSL Metis. As part of CSL’s international fleet, she is part of the pool that regularly servers national gypsum  including Pioneer and Atlantic Superior.

CSL Metis was built in 1981 as an oil tanker, and had a new forebody was installed in 2007 to make her into her current geared self unloading panamax bulker form.

Scheduled to sail at noon – Photo to Follow.


Atlantic Superior Departs

Atlantic Superior left Pier 26 this morning where she spent the winter, and headed for National Gypsum in the Basin.  As vessel who sails the ocean, but also spends a great deal of time in the great lakes, Superior ties up for 4 months when the St Lawrence Seaway is Icebound Inland of Montreal. The 4 month closue allows ships to undergo a period of maintinace, without affecting schedules.

The Seaway is set to open march 22. Atlantic Superior is bound for Montreal, ETA 0600 on the 22nd.

UPDATE 03/19: She sailed today National Gypsum for Montreal. (Photo Above)


Winter Work Period

Since the St Lawrence Seaway, inland of Montreal shuts down due to ice, between the end of December and March, much of the great lakes fleet ties up for 4 months. Because of the 4 month stoppage, most major maintenance is deferred to this period of winter down time.

Atlantic Superior tied up at Pier 25/26 at the end of December. It now looks like work has started, including maitenance on the self unloading boom, which is being wrapped in Scaffolding.

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