Princess of Acadia

The former Digby ferry princess of Acadia  moved from Saint Johns to the former coast guard base in Dartmouth Friday morning. bay ferries has painted out the logo, and returned the ship to the Federal Government.
No word on why she is here but she will likely be sold for scrap shortly.


NovaStar finds Winter Work

Word is the NovaStar has found winter work. She will reportedly be running between Kent England and Boulogne France- Basically crossing the English channel.

The NovaStar spent last winter in North Carolina – by laying up there, the ship could be layed up without heating.

More to Follow.


Christopher Stannix Sails

The harbour ferry Christopher Stannix Sailed for Sambro to be Dry Docked.
Still no word on what the issue is.

Canadian Maritime Engineering (AKA CME) has a marine railway in Sambro, and has done work on The Pilot Boats in the past.


Dartmouth Ferry Christopher Stannix is Broken

Halifax Transit Issued a press release yesterday about ferry schedule changes “due to ongoing mechanical assessment of one of its vessels, the Christopher Stannix”

the release continues “Halifax Transit staff conducted an initial assessment of the issue earlier this week, and have determined that the vessel must be brought out of the water to conduct a complete evaluation. It’s anticipated that the vessel will be out of service for several weeks to accommodate this work”

Sounds like a problem with one of the Voith Drives. No word on where she will be dry docked.


Fundy Rose on Trials

Expected to enter service later this month, Fundy rose has been on various trials the past week.

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