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General Cargo Vessel STATENGRACHT arrived last night. She appears to be loading Heavy Equipment parts that arrived earlier by Rail.

She Has an interesting Configuration, with 2 cranes on the Port Side, and a Single Crane, and 2 Cargo Elevators on the Starboard. STATENGRACHT was built in 2004.

Interesting Cargo for the UK.. More Locomotives

Through The Train Geek I learned that 2 British Steam Locomotives would be returning to England. The First, the Dwight D. Eisenhower arrives on the 19th, and has been transferred to Trailers, presumably to be loaded on a UK Bound ACL Vessel on Monday.

A second Locomotive, The Dominion of Canada will also be returned to England in the coming weeks.

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Ladys for Bunkers

Hot on the heels of Lady Christinas Bunker stop earlier this week, Sister ship Lady Claudia Stopped this evening for bunkers. She’s Scheduled to depart at 0600 so a photo is unlikely.

Above is Lady Christina on an earlier stop.

UPDATE: Lady Claudia sailed on Time bound for Mosjoen,Norway.