Apollogracht at Fairview Cove

The general Cargo Vessel Apollogracht tied up at Fairview Cove just after 1300, and was loaded and Ready to go by 1530. Though Mostly a Container terminal, Fairview cove does see other cargo, Mostly in the Holds Of ACL Ships; Heavy Equipment and Helicopters are common sights on the Piers there.

Apollogracht loaded a Round looking piece of equipment.

UPDATE 1328ADT 03/05/12: AIS Shows her Entering Port in St John NB


MCP Troodos and Onego Chinook

Onego Chinook, currently anchored in the basin, looks an awful lot like MCP Troddos currently at anchor in the inner harbour. this is because they are twins. Both vessels wre built in 2007 by Huanghai Shipbuilding in Rongcheng, China and are managed by Intership Navigation of Cyprus. Onego Chinook was MCP Nicosia until Febuary 2011.

MCP Troodos (ABOVE) is apparently waiting for work, having last departed Trois Rivers Dec 24th. Onego Chinook is Due to dock at pier 27, likely with a load of rail for CN.

Updated now that the weather has allowed me to get a picture of Onego Chinook.


Unique Visitor

The Eidsvaag Vinland Was found tied up at pier 25.
Vessels with the low slung wheel house normally ply the canals and rivers of Europe, were low bridges are a Navigation issue, however she is Apparently Canadian registered to Norcom Marine of Newfoundland, and owned by Norwegian interests.

She Apparently carries fish food for fish farms between Norway, and Newfoundland.


A Short Stay

The general cargo ship Levante made a brief appearance, likely to pick up Supplies.
Short stays at anchor are common for bunkers, but the Algoma Dartmouth didn’t tie up.

She arrived late morning, and departed just after 1400.


Todays Traffic

The SE Viridian Tied Up at Pier 30. She was carrying a cargo of wind turbine Parts. Owned by ES Shipping lines,who specialize in Wind turbine cargo, she was built in 1998.

Also Arriving and picking up her Pilot at 1100 with SE Viridian, was the Tsing Ma Bridge – a regular on the K-Line Route.

The Geja C remained tied up at Pier 27.

And the Cruise Ship Ocean Princess was at Pier 22. This is her first trip of the year to Halifax.