Maccao Straight to Anchor.

The General Cargo Ship Macco Straight, running for Melfi, arrived a day early today  from Lisbon Portugal. She is scheduled to tie up at pier 41/42 tomorrow.  Those piers are currently occupied by ZIM Constanza and Ernest Hemingway, so she will spend the day at anchor in the Inner harbour.


Throco Svendborg basin break.

The general cargo vessel Throco Svendborg spent the weekend anchored in the basin, and sailed this morning. She arrived from Baie Comeau, but gave no destination when she sailed.

Built in 2008, by Honda Heavy Industries in Japan, she is registered in Hong Kong, and was one of the first newbuilds for the Thorco Fleet, and is named after the town where Thorco Shipping was founded in 2003.


Ocean Crescent

Another general cargo ship – Ocean Crescent has tied up at pier 9C. A great pier for visibility, you can see exactly whats going on – which in this case is not a lot.

US Flagged, and Homeported in New Orleans, She sailed from Houston, and may have additional KONE overhead cranes for the shipyard. Built in 2002, she features 2x 200ton Lattice boom cranes which give her a somewhat unique look.

She is owned by Intermarine, and managed by Crowley


Macao Straight for Mefi

The Parade of new vessels for Melfi continues with a first call for Macao Straight. Built in 2008, she is part of the Rehder Reederei fleet, which seems to supply the majority of vessels used on Melfi’s route.

Macao Straight arrived yesterday afternoon and tied up at pier 41, using 2 tugs to turn due to the wind. She no departure listed as of yet.


BBC Kimberly for Fairview Cove

today brought a brief stop for BBC Kimberley to Fairview Cove. Not trading as one of the lines, she is there likely to load or unload a Project Cargo. She is arriving from Norfolk. And tied up around 1PM.

Built in 2009, her cranes are rated at 250ton each, and she is classed as a multipurpose heavylifter. She can carry 628teu.

Update: So short was the stop, that the tug never left her side, and she sailed for Durban at 2:30.


More Windmill Parts passing through

HR Maria loaded with what appear to be wind turbine tower segments. She anchored earlier, having arrived from Port Said. She is on her way to Muskegon in Lake Michigan.

Edit: For the Hanks Truck Forum visitors, Halifax is the closest Full service canadian port before heading inland to the lakes. Ships will stop here and take on Supplies.  Turbines have been both imported and Exported from Halifax – there is one wind project where the turbines were unloaded in sheet harbour, and another where the turbines came via railcar, were unloaded at the port, and trucked to the final destination.
See http://heavyequip.tumblr.com/post/94483435244/i-see-your-18wheeler-and-raise-you-a-26-wheeler

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