Fanfare for Bunkers

The general cargo ship Fanfare Arrived this morning for bunkers. 2 additional ships are scheduled to anchor today for bunkers, marking a particularly busy day for Algoma Dartmouth.

Fanfare was built in china in 2007 and owned by Dohle Schiffahrt. at 138m in length, she is typical of the type.


Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping vessel Qamutik back from drydock.

The General Cargo Vessel Qamutik arrived this morning from Antwerp. She is Owned and Operated by Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping, a Nunavut Shipping Company that operates 4 vessels for Arctic Supply. A Qamutik is a sled adapted for use in arctic sea ice conditions, So its appropriate that this vessel meets Ice Class A1.

At 114m, she is typical of the general cargo vessels that trade in Halifax. She was built in 1994 in the Netherlands, And recently was dry-docked there, and is now on her return voyage. Her arctic journey will begin in Valleyfield PQ on June 25th.



The general cargo vessel CHIPOLBROK GALAXY anchored this morning for CFIA Inspection. Built in Dec 2010, she is owned and operated by Chipolbrok America, the US Arm of the Chinese – Polish Joint Stock Shipping Co. Built to handle project cargoes, she has 3 cranes; two of which are off set, and the aft one is on the Center line.

She can carry 1904TEU, and features adjustable holds.


Ocean Charger to Load Cable.

The US Flagged heavy lift ship Ocean Charger arrived and tied up this morning to load project cargo.
This is the the first stop for a vessel of the sort at pier 9 in a while, though with recent upgrades, we should se more of this type of activity.

Ocean Charger is Owned and operated by Pacific Gulf Marine, and is unique with her 2 120ton Lattice boom cranes. Shipfax reports she will be fitted with cable tanks, and loaded with submarine cable.


Celine at Pier 27

The General Cargo Carrier Celine backing into Pier 27 This morning. Built in 2001, She comes in at 6300DWT, and is 129m long. She is Owned and managed by Enzian Ship Management of Zurich, Switzerland, and is Swiss Registered.

Equipped with two 60ton Cranes, She is Equipped for Heavy lift, can carry 560TEU, or Bulk products in her hold. She was last in Poland, and appears laden, so I suspect she has another load of rails for CN.


Fusion at Anchor

Regular caller Fusion arrived and went to anchor this morning. Her birth at pier 36 was occupied by Oceanex Sanderling. While Sanderling offers regualr service to St Johns NF, Fusion offers regular service the the French Islands of St Pierre and Miquleon, just south of the Avalon Peninsula.

Fusion has holds, and can carry container and RO-RO cargo.


Jana with Rails

The General Cargo Ship Jana arrived earlier this week with a load of rail for CN. Typical of the type of the smaller vessels that call in Halifax, she is 132m in Length, and can carry Break bulk and container cargos. Equipped with two 40ton cranes, she only needs a pier to tie up to.

breakbulk cargos are a growth area for the port and are the category of products that are not pourable
into a bulker, or easily containerized.  These are things like machinery, Rails, wind turbines, locomotives etc.

Jana was built in 2002 and is operated by Intersee.

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