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Harry Dewolf Launch this Week

the future HMCS Harry Dewolf had had the tarps taken down and is the correct shade of grey, with black boot topping and red below the waterline. some touch ups remain, but the SPMT transporters look ready to go to move the ship onto the Launching Barge.

I hear the launch is targeted for the 14th or 15th.

Updates will be Posted at  as they are known. they will not show up on the Mainpage.

UPDATE: Rollback photos Posted here

AOPS Update

(Above) The first AOPS, the Future HMCS Harry DeWolf has been tarped off for painting, prior to launching in September. the modules were painted indoors as they were built, though it was presumably with a primer, as the grey is not the Canadian navy grey in use on existing warships.

(Below)The Middle and Stern Mega blocks for the Future HMCS Margaret Brooke are well underway. they will be moved out Post launching of the Dewolf and assembled, then joined by the Bow mega block.

Boa Bison and Boa Barge 37 to the shipyard.

Boa Bison and Boa Barge 37 arrived this morning for the shipyard. The Tug took bunkers, and is expected to sail this afternoon. The barge is on long term charter to the shipyard, for use as a lunching platform for the AOPS vessels currently under construction.

Update: Boa Bison sailed for Bergen Norway at 6pm.

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