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Highlanders out of the Nova Dock

well Almost…

She was scheduled for an 11 am departure, however due to arriving container ship, tugs were not available untill 1230. as of 1500 she is still in the dock, with Atlantic Oak and Larch in Attendance.

She Sailed Just Prior to 1600

UPDATE: AIS Shows ETA for her arrival in North Sydney at 1000 tomorrow, however she has tied up at Halterm with the assistance of Atlantic Oak as of 2100. no news as to why.

Hero Class #4 – CCGS Constable Carrière rolled out

The 4th Hero Class Mid Shore Patrol Vessel, CCGS Constable Carrière  (Above) was rolled out today at halifax ship yards. To date 2 have been completed and turned over to the coast guard, and CCGS Corporal Teather C.V is nearing completion at pier 9 (Below).

 J. L. François Carrière was an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who drowned on duty. It was while he was working as a scuba diver, subjecting a suspected drug-smuggling vessel, the Donia Portland, to an underwater inspection, that Carrière died. The Donia Portland was a large freighter, and Carrière was one of a team of five inspecting the vessel. He reported problems with his breathing apparatus, although his gauge showed he still had air in his tanks. Another diver who went to assist him, lost contact with him due to murky water.

Marine Atlantic Ferry Highlanders for Nova Dock

The Marine Atlantic ferry  Highlanders arrived at the Nova Dock today for some work. She was last here in April 2012. This is likely for Routine maintinace, but stay tuned.

Highlander arriving this morning (Robert Grahm Photo, Via our Facebook Page)

Update 01/17 Irving news Release:
 MV Highlanders at Halifax Shipyard
Marine Atlantic’s MV Highlanders ferry arrived in Nova Dock this month at the Halifax Shipyard. The ship is in for some repair and maintenance work on its docking stabilizers. The vessel is expected to be at the yard for approximately two weeks, and the repair work will employ up to 35 workers. The vessel was last in at Halifax Shipyard in April 2012 for general maintenance and repairs.