8700.. do I hear 9000..

Large container ships seem to be becoming more frequent in Halifax in the past few Weeks.

August 5th – CMA CGM Vivaldi was the Largest Ship to Date at 8500 TEU
Less then a Week later, on August 8, the 8749 TEU Budapest Express appeared, Breaking the Record Again.

Ships in the 8000 TEU range have since become common, with CMA CGM making several stops with the 8500 TEU Vessels, and Hapag Lloyd continuing with the 8700TEU vessels, including Colombo Express – when built the Largest Container ship in the World.

UASC Is Bringing an even larger vessel on the Columbus Loop, when the USAC Zamzam makes her first appearance in Halifax this October 18th. The USAC Zamzam comes in at 9034Teu. Her record holding will also be brief, as CMA CGM has added the CMA CGM Vela to the Columbus Loop. the Vela is rated at 11262teu, and will hold the record when she arrives, likely in December


More Big Ships for Happag-llyod

 Due in port today is the Colombo Express. When Built in 2005, as the lead ship in the class, she was the largest container ship  in the World at 8700 TEU. She was so impressive Revel released a 1/700 scale model of her at the time. (the model is 18″ long)

Shes met the inner harbour noonish, bound for Fairview Cove West.

Photos to Follow on arrival.

Reading this on Haligonia? See the latest version of this post (with updated photos) here


First stop in Halifax for Budapest Express, and Largest Container ship yet!

Rated at 8749 TEU, she was built in 2010 and is a member of the 3 ship Vienna Express Class.
CMA-CGM Vivaldi recently made a stop in Halifax, and was touted as the largest ship yet. at 8478, she was just bested by 271 TEU.

The Vienna express class are the 3rd larges ships in the Hapag-Llyod  fleet, with only the 9300teu C-Class and the 13000teu Hamburg Express Class above it.


Full Pier on Sunday

Fairview Cove saw 2 vessels on Sunday. The West birth was taken by  NYK Rumina, Covering the West bound Pacific Atlantic Service. She arrived from Rotterdam, and was bound for New York.
Seoul express is Covering the East bound route of the Pacific Atlantic Service. She Arrived from New York, and tied up at the East Birth. On Departure, she was bound for Southampton.


Herma P, going back

Herma P made a second appearance today at Fairview Cove. She is the ex Maersk Dryden, and looking sharp after a yard period after that charter ended. Her and her sisters are now appearing on Hapag Llyod services, likely on short term charters, while they cycle their fleet.

She was first in halifax at the end of march, and is now on the return trip.

Hapag LLyod has recently merged with CSAV, and is sending older and smaller ships to the scrappers, or selling them to other carriers.


Charters and Scrappings for Hapag-Llyod

Yesterday brought the arrival of the Herma P. Built in Ulsan, South Korea in 2006, she immediately was chartered  as Maersk Dryden. The Charter ended in  July 2014. She is  owned by Stefan Patjens Reederei of Germany. Hapag-Llyod seems to be chartering these vessels, Sister Alise P was here in February 17 and March 10.

Hapag-llyod is also Selling off or scrapping its Kiel Class Vessels. Halifax Regulars, Paris Express, Kiel Express, have been sent for scrap, Atlanta Express built as Ludwigshafen Express and Hoechst Express have been sold to new owners. These vessels were built in the early 90’s, and have a capacity of about 4600TEU.


Allise P filling in

Allise P was spotted yesterday filling in on a trip for Hapag llyod’s PAX service. Built in 2007 in Ulsan, South Korea by Hyundai Heavy Industries, she was immediately chartered as Maersk Dubrovnik. That charter ended in December, and it would appear she underwent a work period before showing up on the PAX service. (Note the clean Paint)

She sailed last night for Southampton

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