CSAV Lluta for Fairview Cove

With Hapag-Llyods recent merger with CSAV, we now seem to be getting a regular stream of CSAV Vessels on the PA1 Service. this may continue, or it may simply be a matter of the line shifing its ships as newbuilds come on line.

Today brought the arrival of CSAV Lluta. Built in china in 2009, she is owned by Schlter K & Co, and has a capacity of 4200 TEU making her smaller then the normal vessels on the service.


Another random charter for Hapag Lloyd

Today brought the arrival of Quadriga to Fairview Cove. Built in 2008, she carries 3400TEU which is considerably smaller then the vessels they normally run. The recent changes may just be due to periodic maintenance, or Hapag is shuffling vessels due to new 14000TEU new-builds coming on line, and additional capacity to Halifax via the G6 Alliance.


Dalian Express to Anchor in the Basin

Hapag-Lloyd container ship Dalian Express looks to be the first victim of the closure at Fairview Cove. She is currently inbound, and was due to sail tomorrow afternoon, but will now have to wait until Monday for the terminal to reopen, and Atlantic Companion and London Express to clear the Pier. she will likely sail on Tuesday.

This could also affect other Rotations, with Fairview Cove being busiest early in the week.

(File Photo)


BUXHAI for Hapag-Llyod

Due to weather induced delays, the Container ship Buxhai arrived at the outer anchorage yesterday, and moved to Fairview Cove this morning. Built under the current name in 2005, she then serverd on charter to MSC as MSC Lausanne until that charter ended in 2011, and she reverted to her original name.

I believe she is filling in for the HS Beethoven, which was damaged in December when a container stack toppled, damaging a bunker tank.


Boston Express in Trouble, In the Pacific

The Hapag Lloyd Container ship, and Halifax Regular, Boston Express is reported to under tow by the tug Koyo Maru.

The Vessel was en route to Takoma, got disabled south of Aleutian Islands on Dec 9 – the cause of the trouble is unknown. Salvage tug Koyo Maru was contracted for salvage or for towage, reached distressed vessel and took her on tow on Dec 15, most probably to tow back to Japan. Boston Express left Tokyo on Nov 26 bound for Takoma

 Boston Express works on Pacific Atlantic Express Service – and has been a regular caller in Halifax, Most recently as Boston Express, but prior as Essen Express. She was renamed to free the Essen Express name for a newer larger Container ship.

(File Photo)


HS Beethoven – Cleaining Underway.

The Latest news on the HS Beethoven is that she is currently being cleaned by Atlantic Industrial Cleaners. This would require the Bunker tank to be drained, and all oily residues removed from inside the tank and the hold. There is no word on when/where repairs will occur.

She will likely need to move, as both Fairview Cove piers are scheduled to be in use this evening.

UPDATE: 1550: Confirmed – APL  Pearl and Singapore Express are now both inbound. HS Beethoven is due to move to Pier 36. Harbour is going to get Busy Shortly.


HS Beethoven has serious issues

I have received word that the HS Beethoven has a significant hole in a bunker tank and currently may not be sea worthy. Apparently a stack of containers in hold of ship toppled piercing bunker tank and base of the hold. (Above) HS Beethoven sits at the pier Thursday Morning.

The plan is to fully unload the ship Dec 5th. She will then likely be repaired at the pier or at anchor. I suspect the containers will be put on the next vessel on the run currently listed as Berlin Express on Friday.
More details to follow as known. File photo Below

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