tieup at fairview

Today saw a traffic jam at Fairview Cove. APL Belgium arrived just after noon and anchored. Kobe Express arrived just after 3pm and also headed to anchor. (Foreground). Both vessels were waiting for Oakland express to depart, which occurred just after 6pm, the two vessels then tied up along side.

Berlin Express on G6

Berlin Express made her second stop in Halifax, her first being July 16. At the time, I was unable to get a photo of her. As a member of Hapag Llyods Dalian Express Class, she is 7500TEU, and is Identical to Dalian Express,and Yantian Express which alse serve the G6 service.

Hapag Llyod vessels on the PAX Service range between 4000-6000TEU and are members of the Kiel Express, Kobe Express and Dallas Express Classes.


A first Visit for Berlin Express

Today brought a first visit to Halifax for the Berlin Express. Arriving from Caligri, she is likely on the G6 service (Though wasent initially named to the rotation, her 3 other class mates are. As a member of Hapag Llyods Dalian Express Class, she is 7500TEU, and is Identical to Dalian Express, Yantian Express  (Both vessels have allready called on Halifax) and Ningbo Express.

Hapag Llyod vessels on the PAX Service range between 4000-6000TEU and Are members of the Kiel, Kobe and Dallas Express Classes.

Photos to Follow.


OOCL Vancouver – A regular with a New Name

it looks like Halifax Regular Italy Express, has returned from a work period, and has returned to her pre Hapag Llyoyd name of OOCL Vancouver.

Hapag-Lloyd and OOCL operate a shared service to Halifax. Some OOCL Vessels on the service were operated by Hapag-Lloyd and therefore took Hapag-Llyod “express” names. Presumably the charters ended, and this may be part of the reson why some vessels aggined to the new G6 service made early appearances.


Yantain Express to the Rescue!

Recent Halifax visitor Yantain Express was first vessel on Scene After the MOL Comfort Broke her back and sank, of Yemen.

MOL Issued a press release:

MOL-operated containership MOL Comfort, while under way from Singapore to Jeddah on the Indian Ocean (12’30”N 60’E) at about noon JST (07:00 local time) on June 17, 2013 during inclement weather, suffered a crack amidships and ingressing water in the hold. This made it impossible for  the vessel to continue on under its own power.

Some of the containers on the vessel were lost overboard or suffered damage during the incident. Details are being confirmed.The damage to the MOL Comfort is extensive, while the 26 crew members took to lifeboats. All were safely rescued by other vessel in the area. 
Photo via Gcaptian 

MOL Vessels previously Stopped in Halifax as part of the Grand Alliance with K-line, MOL is also a partner on the new G6 Alliance, which will see Yantain Express  making regular calls to Halifax, though MOL will not be providing vessels to this service.

UPDATE: MOL Comfort was previously APL Russia. APL will once again be calling in Halifax as part of the G6 Alliance. MOL Comfort was relatively new, Built in 2008, and at 4500TEU well within the size of vessel that normally calls in halifax.

UPDATE: It seems the 2 haves are still Afloat.

 (Above 2 photos MRCC Mumbai via Gcaptian)

 (photos Above and Below from Andrew Mcalpine and G-Captain via twitter)


Another Early G6 vessel – Dalian Express

Another Hapag Lloyd vessel Scheduled for the upcoming G6 Rotation, Dalian Express will be making her second trip to Halifax. She was last here on May 27th, and has since turned and is making the trip back in reverse. Like G6 service Mate Yantain Express, who stopped in halifax earlier in May,  Hapag Llyod is in the process of reshufeling vessels to accomidate new builds and the new g6 service.

Photos to Follow


Meet the New Essen Express

Hapag Lloyd today announced taking the delivery of the 13196 TEU Essen Express. She is the 6th of 10 vessels, and is 366m in lenth, and built by Hyundai Heavy Industries at Ulsan, South Korea.

Regulars may recall that  Essen Express makes regular calls in Halifax on the PAX Service. In March, the 4,639 teu panamax Essen Express built in 1993 was renamed Boston Express to free the name.

Interestingly, the new vessel is classed as a NeoPanamax, Presumably because she is the largest size that can be accomidated by the new Panama Canal Expansion. Essen Express will be assigned to Loop 5 (Halifax is on loop 1 AZX) of the new G6 Service. Boston Express Will make her first visit to Halifax on May 31.

Top Photo, the old Essen Express (File) Bottom Photo the New Essen Express © lappino via ShipSpotting.com


Yantain Express and the start of the G6 service

Today marks the beginning of the new G6 service to halifax, with the first trip leaving Thailand today. today also brought the arrival of the Yantain Express, one of Hapag Lloyd’s vessels assigned to the new service. Hapag Lloyd is likely in the process of shuffling its fleet as OOCL Oakland, and Canada Express, both already regular callers to halifax as assigned to the new service.Yantain Express is to date the largest vessel to call at Fairview cove,at just over 7500teu. Also of note, she tied up port side to the pier, opposite of most vessels, who point their bow in the direction of departure.

The full G6 rotation will be OOCL OaklandAPL Blegium,Canada ExpressAPL PearlYantain ExpressAPL AgateNingbo ExpressAPL CoralDalian Express and APL Cyprene.  all are post-Panamax, and with now 3 exceptions all new first time callers in Halifax.

Photos to follow
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