Hero #7 CCGS A. LeBlanc. accepted by Government

Canada’s Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea announces the acceptance of the seventh of the Canadian Coast Guard’s new Hero Class vessels, the CCGS A. LeBlanc.

The CCGS A. LeBlanc was named after fisheries officer Agapit LeBlanc, of Bouctouche,
New Brunswick, who joined the Canadian Fisheries and Marine Service in 1920. He was killed on October 20, 1926 while investigating illegal fishing vessels.

This Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel will be based in the Central and Arctic Region and was constructed in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Irving Shipbuilding Inc. A formal naming and dedication ceremony will follow when the vessel arrives in its home region.

Oddly, I Don’t have a picture of her in the water..  


First Visit for Fednav Newbuild NUNAVIK

The newbuild bulk carrier Nunavik arrived this morning at pier 27. This was her first stop in Canada.
She was announced at the same time as Oceanex announced the construction of the Connaigra.

 The MV Nunavik. Built at JMU’s Tsu Shipyard in Japan, the ship will be used to export the concentrates produced at the Canadian Royalties owned Nunavik Nickel mine at Deception Bay in northern Quebec. The vessel will also supply the mine with equipment and fuel, year round.

Rated Polar Class 4, the Nunavik is the most powerful bulk-carrying icebreaker in the world. It is similar in design to the Umiak I, the Fednav ship servicing Vale’s Voisey’s Bay operation in Northern Labrador. The Nunavik will sail unescorted in Arctic regions and will operate in the extreme winter conditions of the Canadian Arctic. It is capable of maintaining continuous progress of 3 knots in 1.5 m of ice.
The vessel was designed by Fednav and JMU, and will sail between Deception Bay and Northern Europe on a year-round basis. The engine produces 29,600 hp, three times the power of a conventional bulk carrier of the same size. The Nunavik will be supported by Enfotec Technical Services, a Fednav subsidiary to provide up to date information on ice conditions as well as technical support to the inhouse IceNav navigation system. 
The Nunavik is equipped with the latest environmental technologies, such as a Tier II engine that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 20%, and the first ballast treatment system installed on a Canadian-owned vessel.

In naming this new ship Nunavik, Fednav wanted to recognize the inhabitants and the region in which it will operate as well as its project partner, Nunavik Nickel

She arrived earlier then scheduled, so was already tieing up when I arrived.

UPDATE 03/21:
She sailed yesterday just after 16:00, the weather was quite rough.


Hero #9 CCGS Captain Goddard M.S.M ready for launch

Hero #9 is lined up on the launch ways ready to go. No word on when the launch will occur, but the yard likely wants her out of the way so they can complete demolition of the assembly hall.
When the CCGS Captain Goddard M.S.M Launches, she will be the last vessel to be launched from these ways, as finished vessels will be completed at the other end of the yard.
UPDATE: Daylight photo Above.

Hero #9 Rolled out

The CCGS Captain Goddard M.S.M was rolled out on Monday, after the launching of the CCGS M. Charles Saturday night. With the rollout having occurred, demolition of the remainder of the building can continue, and was quickly resumed this past week. Unlike the previous vessels, she was painted while still in the shop, though is missing her white stripe, name and coast guard markings.



Peak at HERO #9

With hero #8 rolled out, today brought the opening of the doors offering a peak at hero #9. She will likely be rolled out for painting at some point this weekend, though that may be dependent on the forecast.

Hero #9, the CCGS Captain Goddard M.S.M.,is named after Canadian Army soldier Captain Nichola Goddard, M.S.M, who has the distinction of being the first female Canadian combat soldier killed in combat, and the 16th Canadian soldier killed in Canadian operations in Afghanistan.


Hero #8 Rolled out – CCGS M. Charles

The second to last hero class vessel was rolled out on the weekend, after the delayed launch of CCGS A. Leblanc occured last weekend.

She was rolled out for painting way back at the Beginning of October. Much work that is normally completed in the yard appears to have been done indoors, inducing installation of the crane on the rear deck, and some antennas and other equipment. Once the mast is installed, launching should occur fairly quickly.


M/V Christopher Stannix Update

The Following Photos were provided By HRM, and show the construction of the new Harbour Ferry Christopher Stannix at the A.F. Theriault & Son Shipyard in Meteghan.

HRM Assembled a Flickr site with Additional progress photos here.


(Above) Engine room (Below) ER and Passenger Access

(Below) Wheelhouse fitting out.

The Digby Courier  had  Article with an update from mid December. The Photos below By John DeMings who wrote the article. and were taken from the article.


The New Ferry Has A Name.

After a call for submissions, narrowing those submissions down to a finalist list of five and over 12,000 individuals picking their favorite name for the new harbour ferry, we have a winner. The name of the new harbour ferry will be Christopher Stannix. This option recived 61% of the vote

A reservist with the Halifax-based Princess Louise Fusiliers, Stannix had achieved the rank of master corporal but accepted a demotion to corporal in order to go to Afghanistan. In April 2007, at age 24, Stannix was killed by a roadside bomb while patrolling in Kandahar, Afganistan.

Once the new vessel is received, Metro Transit will organize a ceremony to commemorate its launch and more details on that will be available in the coming weeks. Currently, the new harbour ferry name sits with Transport Canada for final approvals, which are expected to be received shortly.

Past ferries have been named for Military Men. The First Steam powered Ferry, Sir C. Ogle, was named after Charles Ogle, then the Commander of the North Atlantic Station. Boxer was also Named after Captain Boxer, of a Royal Navy Ship that rendered assistance to the Steam Boat Company

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