Halifax’s New Pilot Boat

In Feb 2011 the Atlantic Pilotage Authority signed a contract with ABCO in Lunenburg for new pilot boats for Halifax and Saint John. Given the Name,Chebucto Pilot, This one appears to be destined for Halifax.

 The boats were designed by Lengkeek Vessel Engineering. The design was based on criteria established by a joint design team consisting of APA pilots, launch crews, Board Members, and Management. These 17 metre aluminum vessels will operate at a service speed of 18 knots.

For Construction Photos, and a photos of historical Pilot Boats, Look at the APA’s Flickr Page


CCGS Private Robertson VC Launched

The first hero class mid-shore patrol vessel has been launched. Originally scheduled for 11:45, the launch we delayed by high winds and the need for an additional tug. Unlike Atlantic Condors Launch,  The Private Robertson was gently slid into the water,  stern first, and then moved to Pier 9B.

Tugs Atlantic Oak and Willow, as well as Dominion Diving Vessels were in attendance, as well as CCGS Sambro, Who came to watch.

UPDATE 1: Private Robertson VC at Pier 9 Today.

UPDATE 2: By Request, Additional Photos
Prior To Launch
Moving Down the Marine Railway

Almost In
Getting Wet

I Also have some Video, But it needs to be Edited.

UPDATE: Here is the Video. It was shot on my point and Shoot, so the quality is low. Sorry.


Hero Class Mid Shore Patrol Vessels Rolling off the Line

Thursday brought the rollout of the Second Mid Shore Patrol Vessel, Corporal Kaeble VC. The First, Private Robertson VC, has been located outside the module shop for some time, as additional work is completed. She Has now been moved farther down the ways and tarpped to allow the next vessel to be painted.

There is no known date for the launch at the moment.


Off to the Scrappers?? Nope!

Well the Previous report was all wrong.. Marine traffic Showed ABDALA as a RORO Container Vessel, with a destination of Alang. Rather she is a new build General Purpose Bulk Carrier, owned by Cuba. See more at Shipfax.

The RORO Container Vessel ABDALA is currently inbound for Bunkers. She gives her destination as Alang, India. Could this be her final Stop before the Scrappers?

Photos to follow on her arrival.


CCGS Private Robertson V.C.

The First of the Coastguards Midshore Patrol vessels will be Private Robertson V.C.

From the Press Release:
In a solemn event at Irving Shipyard, Minister Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence and Regional Minister for Nova Scotia and Minister Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans unveiled the first of nine ‘Hero’ Class Mid-shore patrol vessels currently being built for the Canadian Coast Guard. The Coast Guard ‘Hero’ Class vessels are named after Canadian heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice for Canada. The first vessel in the class to enter service will be the CCGS Private Robertson V.C. Members of Robertson family accompanied the minister on the tour.

Here She is on Oct 18, as yet unnamed:

(Photo form shipsstarthere.ca)


Icelandic Coast Guard Vesel ICGV Thor

The ICGV Thor Arrived in Halifax, Today, and tied up at Halterm. It is customary that visiting naval and coastguard vessels tie up at the Dockyard, so this is odd According to the Iceland Coastguard Website http://www.lhg.is)she was handed the Icelandic Coast Guard at a ceremony September 23rd at the Asmara Navy shipyard in Chile. The ship sailed off to Iceland on the 28th September and is expected to arrive in Iceland on the 26th of October.


ShipYard News

Halifax shipyard rolled out the first of the Coast Guards Mid Shore Patrol Boats today.
(photo is through 2 fences).

In other shipyard news, Shelburne Ship Repair re-opened last month, and picked up contracts to repaint CCGS Earl Grey (based in Halifax) and perform maintinance on CFAV Sea Scheldt, a Navy Diving Tender.