Welcome Home HMCS Charlottetown

HMCS Charlottetown Arrived back home sometime last night and tied up at Shearwater. today at 10am she made her return after 9 months to the dockyard.

One can imageine that a night spent at shearwater must have been like christmass eve for the crew.
Bravo Zulu, and welcome home!

 HMCS Charlottetown was Initially deployed under Operation Metric,as part of the NATO-led Operation Active Endeavour (OAE) – the Mission of Libya. At the end of April 2012, the ship transited through the Suez Canal and joined Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150).Operation Artemis is the Canadian Forces’ participation in maritime security and counter-terrorism operations in the Arabian Sea region with CTF-150. HMCS Regina, replaced HMCS Charlottetown, to continue Canada’s commitment to Operation Artemis

Above- Firebird sprays a Salute.
Below – Crowds line the dock waiting for Charlottetown’s return

From the Press Release:
“HMCS Charlottetown deployment is a demonstration of our government’s commitment to working towards a more secure and stable world. Our contribution to maritime security and counter- terrorism operations plays a key role in the prosperity of our country,” said Minister MacKay. “Our Government is incredibly proud of the officers and crew of HMCS Charlottetown and thank the families and friends of all those returning today for sacrifices alongside their loved ones.”

“It is an amazing day. I am so proud of my ship’s company,” says Commander Wade Carter, the Commanding Officer of HMCS Charlottetown. “They have worked so hard for so long. And now, finally, to see them reunite with loved ones, is beyond words. I cannot describe how overjoyed I am for them… for me, when you include last fall, it needs to be understood that this crew has effectively been deployed for 10 of the last 12 months. An amazing effort. An effort that could not have been accomplished without the support of strong Navy families. I salute them all. It has been an absolute privilege to be their Captain.”


Halifax Shipyard to Replace Scotia Dock II

We now know where 260 million of the province’s forgivable loan will be spent. CBC News is reporting the Scotia Dock II will be replaced. Halifax Shipyard was basing the decision on its success at the federal Shipbuilding Program.

Since Halifax Shipyard was selected, The Province is on the Hook for the Loan Money, to replace the Dock. There is no word on where/when the New dock will be constructed, or what will happen with the Scotia Dock II, though it will likely be scrapped.

The Dock sunk in May 2010. See The Last moments of the Scotia Dock and Scotia Dock Still On Bottom


Whats Going on at Pier 9?

The Port Authority has issued some press releases, and purchased some land from CN, But has been relatively quiet on what the plans for Pier 9 are. Most of the statements are that the 9D Section will be improved, and that there may be additional sheds, Rail Access, and the addition of container cranes.

Construction has now begun, with Harbour Development having finished dredging work, and McNally construction now working on the pier. Since Projects of this size require an environmental assessment prior to being approved, I requested a copy from the federal Environment Department.

It Reveals a substantial addition to the pier, stretching from the existing pier 9b/9c junction to the Mackay Bridge. It features On Pier rail, which makes sense, since part of the idea was to perform addtional heavy lift operations from the upgraded pier. Also shown is a new shed, parking lot, and on pier gantry crane. All of this infrastructure really formalizes the use of the pier in recent years, as Jumbo Shipping previously exported Locomotives from pier 9, and Nirint Shipping stopped there as well to perform container operations.


Comment From Halifax Port Authority On AFL

I Asked Several questions of the Port, Specifically if they were owed Money by AFL, or are aware if they are Anyone else was owed money by AFL. A Port Spokesperson provided this responce.

“When a Port customer faces financial difficulties, as is happening with AFL, we will deal directly with the company on any outstanding fees as we may be able to resolve the issue directly with them. As this relates to the finances of a private company and can be a legal matter, we will not be speculating at this early point as to what, if any, loss the HPA may incur as a result of AFL ending their service.”

They also declined to comment if other port service providers were owed money by AFL. Inquireies to AFL itself an their agent went unanwsered. UPDATE: It Appears AFL New England was being re-supplied with provisions and fresh water as of noon today.


Halifax Port Authority Buys Land from CN

The Halifax Port Authority has aquired land from CN at both Pier 9 and Halterm. The Halterm land will allow for reconfiguration of the approach road to allow for a smoother turn and Improved cargo-handling efficiencies, particularly for truck operations, through upgrades of the truck marshalling yard and gate complex.

At Pier 9 The land will likely be used to Expand the Pier Area.


Cable Ship Rene Descartes

The French Cable Ship Rene Descartes arrived in Halifax this morning and tied up at pier 25. Owned By FT Marine, she is dedicated to laying cable (as opposed to repair). She Is likely Here to Lay the Hibernia Atlantic Cable to the UK.

The Route for the cable was Surveyed back in October. See Previous Post

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