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Next Steps in Shell Exploration

After last years Seismic work for shell (This years fleet is under contract to BP) Shell has announced they have chartered the Stena Icemax to drill 7 test wells in the 2015 season. The vessel is Currently working in the Gulf of Mexico.

Shell has also contracted Furgo GeoSurveys to perform a seabed survey, to identify drilling sites and hazards on the sea floor. this is approximately 45days of work, and Furgo will use the Coriolis II (Currently tied up at Pier 9) to do the work this summer.

Atlantic Towing gets Slice of Hiberina Work

Atlantic Towing Limited  announced today that it has secured a new ten (10)-year firm contract, plus a total of 15 years of options at the Charterers’ discretion, with ExxonMobil Canada Properties and Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. (HMDC) for four new state-of-the art Platform Supply Vessels operating out of St John’s, NL.  The first ships for the contract will be delivered in 2016 and will join Atlantic Towing’s current fleet of eight offshore support vessels in Atlantic Canada.  The new contract means 100 new jobs at Atlantic Towing’s offshore fleet home port of St. John’s, NL.

The new ships, to be designed and built by Damen Shipyards Group of the Netherlands, will deliver a number of environmental benefits including Clean Design designation with a diesel electric power plant, the latest environmental control equipment, wave piercing bow design, and enhanced crew comfort.

Secunda also won a Piece of this work, and will be adding an additional vessel.

Seismic Fleet is Here

BP’s Siesmic Fleet is here. This year, the operation will consist of Mainport Pine and Scotian Sea working as the supply vessels for the Fleet. Western Patriot ; Western Neptune; Western Pride; Western Regent; Geco Diamond; and Ocean Odyssey are the Western Geco Seismic Vessels, and Tugs Beverly M1 and Atlantic Fir will serve as Guard Boats.

Several of these vessels were operating here last year for shell, on the ajoinging parcel.

Secunda Wins Contract to support Hibernia

Secunda Canada is proud to announce that Secunda has entered into an agreement with Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd (HMDC) and ExxonMobil Canada Properties for a five year firm contract, plus a total of 15 years options at Charterers’ discretion, to support the Hibernia and Hebron fields offshore Newfoundland and Labrador.

Idar Hillersoy, CEO of Secunda made the announcement stating, “This contract is an important next step in Secunda’s plans for fleet renewal and growth in the Canadian market”. Secunda will be building one offshore support vessel of Rolls Royce, UT 782WP design, with delivery end 2015.
Vessel design and concept development has been developed through close collaboration with our part-owner Siem Offshore, Rolls-Royce and Secunda. The design has been optimized bow to stern for the demanding scope and harsh Grand Banks conditions including all the latest technologies related to safety for vessel crew and operation. At the heart of the vessel is the robust hybrid propulsion system which increases the vessels operational flexibility and reduces fuel consumption. The vessel’s main role will be the transport of cargo, with ancillary roles including ice management, and anchor handling.

 Secunda has supported ExxonMobil Canada’s offshore operation support vessels in Atlantic Canada for nearly two decades. Secunda’s Director of Business Development, Chris Pitts commented, “We are proud of our record on safety and reliability with HMDC and ExxonMobil Canada, and we look forward to continuing to deliver the exceptional service levels for which Secunda is known. This contract re-enforces our long-term position in the Canadian market”.

More Offshore Parcels up For Exploration

The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) has issued Call for Bids NS14-1. This Call consists of four (4) parcels on the Scotian Slope in water depths between 100 m and 4,100 m. Bids must be received by October 30, 2014 before 4:00 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time. “The parcels included in the NS14-1 Call for Bids have potential for both oil and gas.

The CNSOPB has conducted a comprehensive geoscientific assessment of the Parcels, as well as a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the greater area. Supportive information, as well as regulatory information, can be found on the CNSOPB website at
The successful bidder(s) will be awarded an Exploration Licence subject to federal and provincial Ministerial approval.

Please note I  have some questions about the process and am awaiting answers, SO expect an update.

Update on This Years Seismic Surveys

With the Seismic Fleet starting to arrive, I have received information on who to expect.
Mainport Pine and Scotian Sea are both tied up at Pier 24/25 and will be working as the supply vessels for the Fleet.

Western Patriot is also tied up at Pier 26, and will be joined by Seismic Vessels Western Neptune; Western Pride; Western Regent; Geco Diamond; and Ocean Odyssey.

Tugs Beverly M1 and Atlantic Fir will serve as Guard Boats.

Siem Pilot for Secunda

 The Offshore supply vessel Siem Pilot has been chartered By Scunda to perfrom some work on the Sable Island Gas Project. This required 2 Coasting trade applications.

The ship will be used to accommodate a dive team working to repair a hydraulic control system on the subsea isolation valve in the Sable Island gas field, east of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In addition, the ship will install grout bags, reinforced bars and weighted mattresses using a remotely operated vehicle.

UPDATE: Much Better Photo

Seismic supply vessel Mainport Pine


The seismic supply vessel may port pine arrived this morning ad tied up at pier 25. But like an offshore supplier she is purpose built to swap crews and supply’s on seismic survey vessels. In the past smaller offshore supply vessels have filled this role.

Mayport Pine was delivered earlier this year.

Cruise Ships, Offshore Vessel, and Other Stuff

(Above)Carnival Legend at Cruise terminal 3 (Below) Norwegian Dawn at Terminal 3. Both vessels departed on time at 1600, arriving before 6 am, they completed a full turnover of passengers.

(above)Edison Chouest Offshore Anchor Handling Supply vessel Dino Chouest, named after the Edision Chouest President. in the graving dock at TampaShip.

(below) the Victory Ship American Victory. She served in the Second World War, Korea, and Vietnam. Note the size between her, and Norwegian Dawn, behind.

(Below) Texas A&M universities training vessel General Rudder. Its named for Texas A&M graduate General James Earl Rudder, who led the US Army Rangers at Pointe du Hoc on D-day.

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