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Atlantic Hawk Makes an Appearance

Atlantic Towing’s Anchor Handleing tug Atlantic Hawk recently arrived in Halifax. No word on a reason for her visit, as she is normally stationed in St Johns NF.

She was built at Halifax Shipyards in 2000.

UPDATE: I have received word that she is on the return trip after towing the GSF Grand Banks to Mississippi for refit. Word is that Halifax Shipyard was in the bidding for the work, but the winter would interfere with the ability to re-paint the rig.

Lasts and Firsts

This year, the first and last vessels were regulars.
The last departure of 2013 was Scotian sea, who sailed around 7:30 pm. The last arrival of 2013 was Atlantic Cartier, around 10pm. She Anchored, in the basin, and Moved to Fairview at 8:30 on Jan 2

The First arrival of 2014 – CCGS Edward Cornwallis, around 5:30am on the first. The First Commercial Vessel was the Venture Sea – arriving 6am on the 2nd.


The British Diving Support Vessel Wellservicer made a brief appearance in  Halifax yesterday, spending just under 11 hours tied up at Woodside. She sailed Just before 10pm.
She recently completed work in the Whiterose field off Newfoundland, and Is now  going to be used to perform the following operations on the Sable Venture Pipeline, off the coast of Nova Scotia:

  1. to remove mattresses from the spool, cut off the ends of the spool and recover them to the deck;
  2. to perform metrology activities to confirm the measurements of the new spool;
  3. to deploy the new spool and place new mattresses over the new spool;
  4. to remove mattresses, perform scour remediation and install pipeline supports.

Atlantic Towing Buys a second vessel from Jaya

Atlantic Towing, Limited has purchased a second Anchor Handling Offshore Supply vessel from JAYA, and is expected to take delivery of the vessel during the first quarter of 2014. She will be known as the Atlantic Merlin.

This vessel is a Wartsila designed VS 4622 CD anchor handling offshore supply vessel and is the sister ship to the recently acquired Atlantic Kestrel which is currently serving off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.  The Atlantic Merlin has 16300 brake horsepower from its main engines and the new ship is also Ice Class 1A giving it the ability to navigate in moderate level ice conditions and northern regions. The ship has been designed to Norwegian Maritime Directorate standards (highest in world for offshore vessels) and carries the Clean Design (CD) designation from Det Norske Veritas (DNV classification society).

The state-of-the art ship has been constructed with a variety of features incorporating the latest offshore technology available. These features include:


• 400 tonne anchor handling/ towing winch
• Anchor handling tools (centering devices, rail cranes)
• Oil recovery capability
• DP2 dynamic positioning system

The new vessel is designed specifically for offshore support and is capable of oil rig towing, oil rig positioning and anchor handling, offshore oilfield supply, stand-by rescue, and iceberg towing/ ice management. It is capable of carrying large quantities of cargo to offshore installations with a large deck area and deck strength as well as a high volume of cargo tank space.

(JD Irving Photo)

Riverton Puts in

Over the Lunch Hour, the supply Vessel Riverton Put into Halifax. Riverton is currently woirking for shell on their offshore exploration off Nova Scotia, and is shuttleing supplies back and forth from the siesmic vessles.

More Western Geco Survey Ships

Offshore exploration is ramping up, with 3 more Western Geco Survey ships due.
Ocean Odyssey(Above) is already tied up at pier 27, and the port is showing that Geco Tau, and WG Magellen and WG Cook are due to arrive.

WG Magellen and WG Cook are interesting vessels, as they are built to the Ulstine X-bow design, and I belive are the first vessels of the design to visit Halifax.

(Left)A photo from shipowner WesternGeco shows WG Magellan and WG Columbus, two of six WesternGeco new seismic vessels with ULSTEIN X-BOW® design, side-by-side as they use a wide azimuth seismic technique, a recent seismic innovation to gather best possible seismic hits. 

Also Due is the Offshore Supply vessel Riverton. Riverton is the Ex MV Smit-Lloyd 112  built in 1975 and was used as an “OffShore Supply” vessel in the North Sea and later for Canadian Patrol Frigate Trials Support & General Purpose Auxiliary in the RCN.  She is owned by Cape Harrison Marine, Who Also own the Ex RCN Minesweaper Anticosti, which recently suffered an engineroom fire.

Riverton will likely serve as a tender to the Survey vessels while they are on station.

Update: WG Magellan arriving this morning. Photo by @cove17 via twitter

the fleet is scheduled to depart on tuesday for he exploration grounds, and will be working for Shell.

UPDATE 2: More of the Fleet

 (Above)Geco Tau (Below)ex RCN Tug Riverton, as a supply vessel

(2 Images Below) WG Cook

Ocean Odyssey

The Siesmic Vessel Ocean Odyssey arrived this morning and tied up at Pier 27. Built in 2005, and owned by the Norwegian firm Remoy Shipping, she is currently on charter to Western Geco.

Western Geco Previously was doing work of Newfoundland.

Scunda Canada’s New PSV

Scunda Canada LP’s New Platform supply vessel Scotian Sea Arrived in halifax this morning.
She is currently tied up at Woodside. Built in 1997 by Kværner Kleven Leirvik, she is a Ulstien 6065 design, orignally operating as Havila Runde.

A General Aragement Draving is Available Here (PDF)

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