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Geo Caribbean waiting out the Storm

The Geo Caribbean Arrived this afternoon and anchored in the Harbour. She was Conducting Seismic surveys off Newfoundland, and has presumably come to Halifax to Wait out the Hurricanes. She was most recently seen late last week in St. Johns Nfld, and Presumably came to Halifax as the storm is expected to hit that part of Newfoundland Hard.

Thor Omega, Who has spent some time in Halifax This summer, Is serving a s a supply ship to the Geo Caribbean.

Photos to Follow.  UPDATE: She Later Moved to Pier 27, and will Sail around 1300 on the 12th.

Maersk Dispatcher working GSF Grand Banks

The Maersk Dispatcher arrived in Halifax earlier this week, and has been working with the GSF Grand Banks Today. It Appears the GSF grand banks’ maintinace period is neering completion as she has the lifeboats deployed, and is working with the supplier.

Maersk Dispatcher’s sister ship, Maersk Detector collided with one of the columns on the GSF Grand Banks, damaging both ships above the water line, and requiring the grand banks’ maintinance period to be moved forward by a few weeks.

GSF Grand Banks for Repairs

The Drill rig GSF Grand Banks Towed by Atlantic Hawk and Maersk Chancellor is due at the pilot station at 0800 Dec 11. She is bound for Woodside for Repairs. Maersk Detector damaged the rig in late November when she struck her off Newfoundland.

She was built as Bow valley 3 For Husky Energy, by St. John Shipbuilding. She is currently Owned By Transocean, and is Drilling in Huskey Energy’s White Rose Field. Since the incident, a Scheduled work period for January was moved forward.

GSF Grand Banks

Maresk Chancellor

Atlantic Hawk

Updated Images

Its Wet Out.

Atlantic Condor Riding out the storm at anchor. Algoma Dartmouth Tied up at Pier9, to be more protected.

Wind south 40 knots with gusts to 50 in the Approaches. Wind becoming west 45 near noon with gusts to 55 then diminishing to 35 early this evening. Wind diminishing to Northwesterly 20 after midnight A few showers ending near noon.

Boa Mighty

Boa Mighty arrived to collect the Boa Barge 36.
She is much smaller then Salvenguard who towed the barge to halifax, though Salvenguard also had to tow the Platform out with it. I missed The barge leaving, however prior to tieing up, Boa Mighty did a compass swing in the anchorage.

Updates From the Past Week

Weather has kept Spotting to a minimum.

Salvanguard arrived with Boa Barge 36. They are now tied up at pier 25/26.They Were installing the Production Platform for Deep Panuke.

The Tanker Acadian Anchored, then moved to IOL. She departed On Thursday.

The AFL New England Arrived on Wed, and tied up at Fairview Cove, Offloading containers. She loaded today, and is scheduled to sail Today at 15:30

Locomotives arrived at Halterm, So expect a visit from Jumbo Shipping. This load is equipped with “normal” couplers, so I suspect they are for a North American Client. If anyone Trainspotters know what they are, please Comment.
UPDATE: From CP9524 on
“These units are GT38ACe, build at EMD London for PTKA Sumatra in Indonesia. Six units have been ordered and from what I gather all are finished and in-transit.

These are the first units of this model to be built. They feature an eight cylinder 710 and narrow gauge trucks (hence the need to be transported on flat cars). ”

African Fern Tied up at the Grain Elevator. Her Sister African Dahlia was in port a few months ago.

of course, the Usual suspects have all been in Attendance.


Todays arrivals and departures seemed to conflict, causing ships to spend some time in the inner harbour.

Marina Ace went West of Georges Island to allow Oberon to Clear AutoPort.
Zim Panama Went East of Georges to Allow Oceanex Sanderling to clear Pier 42, and allow Stutgart Express to pass West of Georges outbound.
And the Tugs Centaurs and Pegusus arrived in preparation to return PSS Chumel Back to the Gulf of Mexico. All this was complicated by Chumel Sitting at Anchorage 1 with Ryan Leat in attendance.

Earlier in the Day, the Barge Atlantic Sealion came out of the Nova Dock.

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