Asian Emperor Updates

Monday Night, Asian Emperor moved to Fairview Cove. I am told no cargo operations are underway, however repairs to the ship are occurring with various welders working on the vessel.

For people with cars on this vessel, it seems unlikely that any vehicles will be transferred to the Don Juan, which is due 1800 tonight,


Asian Emperor Damaged

word has reached me that the PCTC Asian Emperor currently at pier 27 has sustained significant damage to her one of her decks. This is likely the result of cargo breaking loose and shifting.

Asian Emperor arrived on the 15th

SEVERAL large John Deer farm tractors (completely demolished), massive John Deer Combine machines, Black Mercedes cargo vans. The equipment (farm machinery) was nearly unrecognizable its was damaged so bad. Given the vessel is bow forward they are probably trying to obstruct the damaged equipment from view.

UPDATE: Asian Emperor moved to Autoport just prior to noon on Tuesday the 18th. This revealed some of the Carnage.

People with BMW’s on order are frantically trying to find out if their car was trashed. I Have been emailed by a Woman from Montreal, And their are Forum Posts Here and Here of people looking to discover the fate of their vehicles.

CTV News at 6 also offered this video yesterday.

Its Posible this damage is the result of Parametric Rolling. Kenebec Captain (Who Sails PCTC’s for a day job) describes taking a parametric roll in a post, speculating that lashings would fail if it continued.

UPDATE  02/19: Asian Emperor is back at Pier 30, after unloading undamaged vehicles at Autoport. Unknown if Damaged cars will not come off, but the stern ramp is visible.

UPDATE 02/21:  Ship is still at pier 30.From a BMW Dealer in the Comments, this apparently came from a bmw official in NJ.

There were 1,200 vehicles on the ship and approximately 30 were damaged. If the damage represents 3% or greater BMW will total the vehicle. at this point new owners will need to re-order or dealers can try to perform a locate for the client, In the US BMW NA will provide some sort of a goo will discount on the vehicle if you are one the unlucky ones

I have also heard that BMW is trying to coordinate a payload transfer, which, essentially, allows for vehicles that have not been damaged to be moved aboard the Turandot. The problem with this is that the space is limited to the amount of vehicles being unloaded in Halifax. So, there will still be some that will have to remain on the Asian Emperor until it is fixed, or until the next ship arrives to port.

Turandot Arrived and Departed on the 20th. Don Juan  is due on the 25th. Will be interesting to see if Asian Emperor moves back to autoport before then.


Algonova Towed into Port

Tanker AlgoNova was towed into port this afternoon By Atlantic Elm. She is bound for Woodside, but will probably be moved to the Nova Dock. Damage is probably quite severe, if she was towed from Sydney to Halifax.

AlgoNova reported a fire on Jan 19, and requested assistance. She proceeded to Sydney NS with a tug escort.

(Above: Atlantic Elm, sailing around Georges Is. After handing off the tow, she turned and headed out to sea. Below: Algonova after Atlantic Elm handed off the tow to tugs Atlantic Oak and Atlantic  Willow)


Fire on AlgoNova

the Herald reports that a fire occurred on the AlgoNova 9am this morning, 83km North of Gaspe. JRCC Dispatched a helo  and a C-130 from Greenwood, to the Honuedo Straight.

AlgoNova departed Halifax on Friday. Another Commercial Vessel and a CCGS Ship were also standing by to render assistance.

AlgoNova was built in 2008. She was Bound for Quebec.

UPDATE: Tug Ocean Arctique underway to offer assistance and possibly escort to Sydney.

UPDATE: No Additional News, However identical twin vessel Algo Canada suffered an explosion in 2009 after tanks were improperly vented using a procedure that was valid for Algoscotia, but not Algocanada due to differing equipment designs. TSB Report can be found Here

UPDATE: 21 January 2014 — The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is deploying a team of investigators to Sydney, Nova Scotia, to investigate a fire that occurred on board the tanker vessel Algonova. The TSB will gather information and assess the occurrence.


MSC Monterey update – all fixed.

you may remember at the end of December, a crack was discovered in the deck of the container vessel MSC Monterey, and her passengers evacuated. the ship then took shelter in St. Mary’s Bay Newfoundland,. She Sailed for Boston today, with an eta of the 15th.

Inspection and ultrasound reveled the crack was simply a failed defective weld, and could have a final and complete repair made on site. The original plan called for the installation of stiffeners, to re-inforce the ship so it could make a shipyard. This is no longer necessary.

The repair was delayed by wether for several days. the crack did not grow, and no pollutants were released.


Laura I damaged by CCGS Henry Larsen

Word is the Geared bulker Laura I was hit during ice breaking operations in the St. Lawrence river by the CCGS Henry Larsen. She was bound for Savannah Georgia from Becancour Quebec.

No word on the Larsen however the Laura I is now due in Halifax late Friday afternoon.
Recall last year the CCGS Louis St Laurent also bumped a ship, and last week the USCGC Hollyhock was bumped by a freighter in the Great Lakes  – both incidents occurring during icebreaking operations.
More to follow..

UPDATE: She Arrived Friday, on schedule, but had no visible damage. Connors Diving was in Attendance, so its likely the damage is below the waterline.


MSC Container Ship in trouble off NF

The JRCC is reporting that 2 helicopters from 103 Squadron have evacuated all non essential crew from a MSC Container ship. Also on scene is CCGS Teleost, and a C-130 from Greenwood. There were 24 persons Aboard.

No word on the Issue, However the ship is reportedly in danger of sinking, 34 NM South of Portugal Cove NL.

More is it becomes Known. Details and Photo from JTF Atlantic Via Twitter.

I believe the vessel may be MSC Aniello,  though that is speculation on my part.

CBC reports the Vessel Is MSC Monterey, Lehave for Newark NJ. Given her location off the great circle route, trouble likely began earlier, and a decision was made to sail for NF.

UPDATE: GCaptain made a phone call to the JRCC, seems a crack has developed in the Hull. Distress call was made around 11am.

The ship was built in 2008 – the same year as the MOL Comfort, which broke its back and sank earlier this year. Halifax Regular Yantain Express rescued the crew off yemen, after a crack in her hull was discovered.

UPDATE: Video from one of the Helo’s below. The SAR case has now been closed, and the vessel is the responsibility of Transport Canada.

JRCC Reported that she was at anchor, Marinetraffic.com shows her position as Placentia Bay

UPDATE DEC 30: The Ships owners today issued a press release.

Liberian flagged container vessel MSC MONTEREY was on her way from Antwerp to Boston when on Friday 27th of December a crack of approximately 1.5 m in the main deck near the superstructure was discovered by the crew. At that moment, the vessel was situated southeast of the coast of Newfoundland. After the crack had extended by approximately 30 cm into the outer hull and the further measures had been coordinated with the Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada, the vessel was anchored in the bay of Cape Pine.
The crew consisting of 20 seafarers from Europe and the Philippines is well. Four passengers from the United States and Switzerland which were travelling on MSC MONTEREY have been taken on shore by helicopter as requested by themselves and are doing well. MSC MONTEREY is not posing a danger to the environment. The crack has not resulted in any oil spillages or other hazards.
After close coordination with the authorities, MSC MONTEREY will proceed from Cape Pine to St. Mary’s Bay on Monday morning. This bay provides better shelter against the predicted adverse weather conditions. In St. Mary’s Bay, a local surveyor of Germanischer Lloyd will board the vessel. In addition, a representative of a shipyard and the insurance will inspect the vessel. Jointly, they will develop a concept for a provisional repair which will enable MSC MONTEREY to continue its voyage to its port of destination Boston. REEDEREI NSB is in constant contact with the Emergency Response Service of Germanischer Lloyd in Hamburg.
MSC MONTEREY is expected in St. Mary’s Bay in the early morning hours of December 30.

UPDATE DEC31. The TSB has announced they will be sending investigators tomorrow.


Boston Express in Trouble, In the Pacific

The Hapag Lloyd Container ship, and Halifax Regular, Boston Express is reported to under tow by the tug Koyo Maru.

The Vessel was en route to Takoma, got disabled south of Aleutian Islands on Dec 9 – the cause of the trouble is unknown. Salvage tug Koyo Maru was contracted for salvage or for towage, reached distressed vessel and took her on tow on Dec 15, most probably to tow back to Japan. Boston Express left Tokyo on Nov 26 bound for Takoma

 Boston Express works on Pacific Atlantic Express Service – and has been a regular caller in Halifax, Most recently as Boston Express, but prior as Essen Express. She was renamed to free the Essen Express name for a newer larger Container ship.

(File Photo)


HS Beethoven – Cleaining Underway.

The Latest news on the HS Beethoven is that she is currently being cleaned by Atlantic Industrial Cleaners. This would require the Bunker tank to be drained, and all oily residues removed from inside the tank and the hold. There is no word on when/where repairs will occur.

She will likely need to move, as both Fairview Cove piers are scheduled to be in use this evening.

UPDATE: 1550: Confirmed – APL  Pearl and Singapore Express are now both inbound. HS Beethoven is due to move to Pier 36. Harbour is going to get Busy Shortly.


HS Beethoven has serious issues

I have received word that the HS Beethoven has a significant hole in a bunker tank and currently may not be sea worthy. Apparently a stack of containers in hold of ship toppled piercing bunker tank and base of the hold. (Above) HS Beethoven sits at the pier Thursday Morning.

The plan is to fully unload the ship Dec 5th. She will then likely be repaired at the pier or at anchor. I suspect the containers will be put on the next vessel on the run currently listed as Berlin Express on Friday.
More details to follow as known. File photo Below

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