Various Mechanical Issues.

its been a bad week for Bulk Carries and Mechanical issues.

1. The John 1 Lost power and went aground off Rose Blanche Newfoundland.

2. The Rt Hon Paul E Martin Waited out weather in the outer Anchorage before proceeding  to Shelbourn Ship Repair with the tug Atlantic Fir with a drive issue.

3. The Bulker Pioneer arrived at National Gypsum, appeared to load cargo, and On Friday was cold moved to Pier 25, with her bow Heavily ballasted down. This morning she appears to have propeller  work going on.

 (Above) Work On Pioneers Propeller (Below) Pioneer Ballasted down forward.

4. the Bulker Persenk Arrived to repair Ice damage at Anchorage 7. Her propeller was bent causing a bad vibration. Divers removed pieces to re-balance it.


John 1 aground off Newfoundland

The 600′ bulk carrier M/V John 1 went aground ~1.6KM from the community of Rose Blanche Newfoundland this afternoon just after 1330. 23 crew were evacuated by helicopter after issue ing a distress call.

One assumes they will attemp to tow the vessel off the rocks next high tide. The forcast looks stable though winds are expected to pick up Monday morning.
DFO reports the John 1 lost power on Friday and was drifting parallel to the coast. CCGS Earl Grey was dispatched and tug Ryan Leet was hired from mulgrave to assist and was due Saturday. Reports are that the crew stated there was water in the engine room, which could explain the power loss. 
Saturday morning wind changes put the ship in danger of running aground. Earl Grey was unable to establish a tow, and the ship grounded. A helicopter was dispatched from gander to pick up the crew. The CCGS Pierre Radison is also due on scene.

John 1 was built in 1991 and is registered in panama. She was due in Montreal having sailed from Las Palmas. The port of Montreal listed the grain elevator as her birth, so we can assume she was due to load grain for export, and is currently unloaded.
Photo top  by Mary Hardy via Facebook http://t.co/APtxPr5L5u  below JRCC via Twitter
Additional photos below by Rolland Kettle

UPDATE: 04/16 AIS indicates the Tug Ryan Leet arrived on scene around 1430 ADT. She sailed from Mulgrave just after 0700 saturday, and reportedly was slowed by ice. (Below File photo of Ryan Leet)

The transportation Safety Board also announced they are sending investigators to the scene of the grounding.

UPDATE 04/17: The owners have contracted Svitzer  to salvage the vessel. Svitzer has 3 tugs in Port Hawksbury (Point Chebucto, Svitzer Bedford and Point Valiant, all formerly based in Halifax) though they will likely retain the Ryan Leet as she is more powerful. The Coast Guard is amassing pollution control assets in Rose Blanche.

Photos below By Rolland Kettle:

UPDATE: Shifting winds Caused the John 1 to become free overnight Sunday and  she is now securely at anchor. Attempts to pull the John 1 from the shoal by the tug Ryan Leet were suspended Sunday due to deteriorating weather and sea conditions. The Slvage team will board the vessle to perform an assessment once conditions improve.

UPDATE 03/18:
Salvage crews arrived and boarded the John 1. She will be towed by Ryan Leet and Atlantic Fir to Argentia for further assessment. No pollution has been detected, though ccgs Earl Grey will follow along with pollution control gear.
(Below)Salvage crew boarding the MV John I. — Department of Fisheries and Oceans photo

UPDATE 03/19:

Preparations to tow are underway. A generator will be brought to the john 1 to power the anchor winches. Tow cables have already been connected. Once the tow commences the crew will follow aboard the earl grey.

UPDATE 03/20:
The following photo was provided to me. The tow is now underway.

 I have been informed that the tow is progressing nicely making 7 knots. Eta is 0800 Saturday 

UPDATE 03/21:

Overnight The tow  headed for shelter behind St. Pierre due to weather conditions. Weather permitting it should be heading back on course some time Friday.

The tow resumed just after noon with improved weather. Currently making 5 knots south of St Pierre
UPDATE 03/22:
Tow is now in the traffic lanes awaiting a pilot for Argentia.

Now handing off tow to Atlantic Fir and North Atlantic Osprey

Now getting lines on the dock

UPDATE 03/23;

The Ryan Leet ,Atlantic Fir and CCGS Earl Grey are tied up in Argentia. The John 1 is under going diver survey and assessment, the Ryan Leet and Atlantic Fir are standing by until Sivzters Salvage team makes a decision on where the John 1 is going and how it will get there.


Radioactive leak at Fairview Cove

 Last night, around Quarter to 10, Halifax Fire received a Call about a hazardous material Spill at Fairview Cove. It Now appears that a container containing  uranium tetrachloride cylinders failed while being unloaded from the Atlantic Companion resulting in the cylinders being dropped on the ship.

Radiation levels three times the acceptable amount have been detected. Halifax fire later clarified that there was no material Leaking, but elevated radiation  levels existed. Workers were released at 1am. I have now been informed that Fairview is closed until Monday morning for cleanup. A specialist cleanup team is due to arrive from Toronto this afternoon.

(Left)this is the type of container that failed.  I believe this one safely came off Atlantic companion earlier. Its more of a bulkhead flat then Container, and holds the 4 cylinders. Note the abundance of Hazmat labels on the sides. The top one is Radioactive.

These bulkhead flats are frequently used to ship Vehicles and other odd sized and shaped cargos on container vessels.

From Transport Canada offers the following Health notes should the cylinder fail
  • Radiation presents minimal risk to transport workers, emergency response personnel and the public during transportation accidents. Packaging durability increases as potential radiation and criticality hazards of the content increase.
  • Chemical hazard greatly exceeds radiation hazard.
  • Substance reacts with water and water vapor in air to form toxic and corrosive hydrogen fluoride gas and an extremely irritating and corrosive, white-colored, water-soluble residue.
  • If inhaled, may be fatal.
  • Direct contact causes burns to skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.
  • Low-level radioactive material; very low radiation hazard to people.
  • Runoff from control of cargo fire may cause low-level pollution.

Small spills suggest 100m exclusion zone

Original Reports:
 the area below was generated as details were unfolding:

Reports are that Halifax fire is dealing with a leaking container at Fairview cove. Atlantic Companion and London Express are both at the pier. Fire received the call at 21:46

A witness has told me that the fire department is by the Atlantic Companion. The container is reportedly damaged though May not be leaking.

Reportedly the commodity is Uranium Hexofloride, which wikipedia describes as “highly toxic, reacts violently with water and is corrosive to most metals”
Halifax fire confirm the container had uranium tetrachloride inside. The container was dropped on the ship and not on the pier.
Fire Crews confirm container is breached, levels three times the acceptable amount have been detected. Halifax fire later clarified that there was no breach, but elevated levels existed.
A source on site indicates that the container dropped off the crane. Workers have been told to report back at midnight  though federal nuclear authorities have been contacted. The workers were sent home around 1am
Longshoreman and ships crew near the dropped container are reportedly under quarantine. This is likely due to the potential toxic effects of the product. They were also released at 1am
Fire have requested a metro transit bus which will be used for evacuations. Nuclear safety teams are Apprently due around 0800 tommorow, now requiring longer term accommodations then the bus.
Workers are being scanned for radiation and released. Sounds like fire units are also returning to base. Halifax fire confirmed that there are no injuries an no persons are contaminated. no evacuations are required. They report that 4 cylinders fell from a container but did not rupture. This might suggest that the container failed rather then the container falling from the crane, which has now been confirmed to be the case
About the material
From transport canada 
  • Radiation presents minimal risk to transport workers, emergency response personnel and the public during transportation accidents. Packaging durability increases as potential radiation and criticality hazards of the content increase.
  • Chemical hazard greatly exceeds radiation hazard.
  • Substance reacts with water and water vapor in air to form toxic and corrosive hydrogen fluoride gas and an extremely irritating and corrosive, white-colored, water-soluble residue.
  • If inhaled, may be fatal.
  • Direct contact causes burns to skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.
  • Low-level radioactive material; very low radiation hazard to people.
  • Runoff from control of cargo fire may cause low-level pollution.

Small spills suggest 100m exclusion zone

RFP For MV Miner Removal

The province of Nova Scotia is requesting proposals to remove the wreck of the MV Miner. The request for proposals (RFP) was posted today, March 12, on the provincial procurement site.

The RFP will be posted for six weeks with a deadline of April 23 at 2:15 pm.

Interested applicants can submit proposals by following instructions outlined in the RFP. Once the deadline is passed, applications will be reviewed and an award will be made within four weeks.

The RFP can be found at http://novascotia.ca/tenders/tenders/tender-details.aspx?id=NSLANDS63 .

The RFP itself is 312 pages – mostly of environmental disclosures, and a summary of woork undertaken to date. It also includes severl photgraphs of the vessel, including the ones seen here.


APL Coral has leaking Cargo

APL Coral not only didn’t sail as scheduled from Fairview cove yesterday,but this morning she moved forward a birth. The move was to facilitate todays arrival of Oakland Express.

APL Coral’s departure was delayed due to leaking cargo forming a minor spill. Atlantic Industrial Cleaners have be contacted to do the cleanup, and presumably the ship will sail once the spill is cleaned and the cargo secured/cleaned up.


Fire Aboard HMCS Protecteur

HMCS Protecteur was returning to its homeport of CFB Esquimalt, B.C., when at 10:20 p.m. Pacific Standard Time yesterday, HMCS Protecteur contacted the Regional Joint Operations Centre (RJOC), located at Maritime Pacific Headquarters (MARPAC) at CFB Esquimalt, B.C., to report a fire onboard the vessel. The fire was in the vessel’s engine room. Sailors onboard the warship put out the fire and crew members are managing the situation. Personnel sustained minor injuries but are safe and they are being treated on board.

Protecteur is presently located approximately 340 nautical miles (630 km) northeast of Pearl Harbour. The ship has limited power and a return to Pearl Harbour is expected. A full assessment of the situation is being conducted to establish the extent of the damage.

HMCS Protecteur was returning from operational duties in the mid-Pacific Ocean with 279 crew, 17 family members and two civilian contractors who joined the ship for the return transit. Having family members on board for the last part of a sail is a common practice with RCN ships returning from extended operations and exercises and one that family members appreciate.

 MARPAC personnel are in contact with U.S. Navy personnel at Third Fleet headquarters. The U.S. Navy has sent the destroyer USS Michael Murphy, to provide assistance to Protecteur.

(Photo Above Sister Ship HMCS Preserver)

UPDATE: Apparently the fire was major, and took a long time to bring under control. Protecteur is now Dead in the water and waiting on tugs to arrive to tow her back to Pearl harbour.

Update 03/01: The ship remains stopped 340 nautical miles North East of Hawaii. During the morning of March 1, United States Ship (USS) Chosin reached HMCS Protecteur and commenced transferring additional relief supplies to HMCS Protecteur using USS Chosin’s helicopter. A helicopter then began transferring family members who were on HMCS Protecteur to USS Michael Murphy, where they will sail safely to Pearl Harbour.

Over the next 24 hours it is anticipated that HMCS Protecteur will be taken under tow by the USS Chosin and start her transit back to Pearl Harbour. Once in Hawaii, efforts will commence to prepare Protecteur for her return to Esquimalt. We remain in very close contact with the Protecteur family members.

The Royal Canadian Navy is very appreciative of the tremendous support that has been provided by the USN and United Stated Coast Guard throughout this very difficult situation. It is yet another example of the strong relationship and interoperability that exists between our navies.

The 20 personnel on board HMCS Protecteur who received minor injuries
have been treated and most have returned to regular duties. The state of
their health continues to be monitored by the ship's medical staff. 
Yesterday at 3 p.m. PST, USS Michael Murphy arrived at HMCS Protecteur's
location and provided relief supplies including water. The USN warship
attempted to take Protecteur under tow but weather conditions,
specifically high winds, hampered those efforts. The Michael Murphy
remained on scene with HMCS Protecteur overnight.  Fleet Ocean tug USNS Sioux is also heading towards Protecteur to assist
in the towing operations if necessary. 
 HMCS Protecteur has limited electrical power and onboard systems are
being reactivated in a controlled manner. The ships company is well and
focused on recovery operations in the ship and rest. Ongoing medical and
support services are being provided to all onboard. 
There are reports of significant fire and heat damage to the ship's
engine room and considerable heat and smoke damage in surrounding
compartments. An extensive and detailed damage assessment will be
commenced once the ship arrives in Hawaii. An investigation into the
cause of the fire is also being initiated.
UPDATE: March 2
USN released imagery of the tow.


Asian Emperor Updates

Monday Night, Asian Emperor moved to Fairview Cove. I am told no cargo operations are underway, however repairs to the ship are occurring with various welders working on the vessel.

For people with cars on this vessel, it seems unlikely that any vehicles will be transferred to the Don Juan, which is due 1800 tonight,


Asian Emperor Damaged

word has reached me that the PCTC Asian Emperor currently at pier 27 has sustained significant damage to her one of her decks. This is likely the result of cargo breaking loose and shifting.

Asian Emperor arrived on the 15th

SEVERAL large John Deer farm tractors (completely demolished), massive John Deer Combine machines, Black Mercedes cargo vans. The equipment (farm machinery) was nearly unrecognizable its was damaged so bad. Given the vessel is bow forward they are probably trying to obstruct the damaged equipment from view.

UPDATE: Asian Emperor moved to Autoport just prior to noon on Tuesday the 18th. This revealed some of the Carnage.

People with BMW’s on order are frantically trying to find out if their car was trashed. I Have been emailed by a Woman from Montreal, And their are Forum Posts Here and Here of people looking to discover the fate of their vehicles.

CTV News at 6 also offered this video yesterday.

Its Posible this damage is the result of Parametric Rolling. Kenebec Captain (Who Sails PCTC’s for a day job) describes taking a parametric roll in a post, speculating that lashings would fail if it continued.

UPDATE  02/19: Asian Emperor is back at Pier 30, after unloading undamaged vehicles at Autoport. Unknown if Damaged cars will not come off, but the stern ramp is visible.

UPDATE 02/21:  Ship is still at pier 30.From a BMW Dealer in the Comments, this apparently came from a bmw official in NJ.

There were 1,200 vehicles on the ship and approximately 30 were damaged. If the damage represents 3% or greater BMW will total the vehicle. at this point new owners will need to re-order or dealers can try to perform a locate for the client, In the US BMW NA will provide some sort of a goo will discount on the vehicle if you are one the unlucky ones

I have also heard that BMW is trying to coordinate a payload transfer, which, essentially, allows for vehicles that have not been damaged to be moved aboard the Turandot. The problem with this is that the space is limited to the amount of vehicles being unloaded in Halifax. So, there will still be some that will have to remain on the Asian Emperor until it is fixed, or until the next ship arrives to port.

Turandot Arrived and Departed on the 20th. Don Juan  is due on the 25th. Will be interesting to see if Asian Emperor moves back to autoport before then.


Algonova Towed into Port

Tanker AlgoNova was towed into port this afternoon By Atlantic Elm. She is bound for Woodside, but will probably be moved to the Nova Dock. Damage is probably quite severe, if she was towed from Sydney to Halifax.

AlgoNova reported a fire on Jan 19, and requested assistance. She proceeded to Sydney NS with a tug escort.

(Above: Atlantic Elm, sailing around Georges Is. After handing off the tow, she turned and headed out to sea. Below: Algonova after Atlantic Elm handed off the tow to tugs Atlantic Oak and Atlantic  Willow)


Fire on AlgoNova

the Herald reports that a fire occurred on the AlgoNova 9am this morning, 83km North of Gaspe. JRCC Dispatched a helo  and a C-130 from Greenwood, to the Honuedo Straight.

AlgoNova departed Halifax on Friday. Another Commercial Vessel and a CCGS Ship were also standing by to render assistance.

AlgoNova was built in 2008. She was Bound for Quebec.

UPDATE: Tug Ocean Arctique underway to offer assistance and possibly escort to Sydney.

UPDATE: No Additional News, However identical twin vessel Algo Canada suffered an explosion in 2009 after tanks were improperly vented using a procedure that was valid for Algoscotia, but not Algocanada due to differing equipment designs. TSB Report can be found Here

UPDATE: 21 January 2014 — The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is deploying a team of investigators to Sydney, Nova Scotia, to investigate a fire that occurred on board the tanker vessel Algonova. The TSB will gather information and assess the occurrence.

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