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Ocean Crescent

Another general cargo ship – Ocean Crescent has tied up at pier 9C. A great pier for visibility, you can see exactly whats going on – which in this case is not a lot.

US Flagged, and Homeported in New Orleans, She sailed from Houston, and may have additional KONE overhead cranes for the shipyard. Built in 2002, she features 2x 200ton Lattice boom cranes which give her a somewhat unique look.

She is owned by Intermarine, and managed by Crowley

Janus at Pier 9

The tug Janus Tied up at Pier 9 forward of the Australian Spirit. Janus was contracted to tow the Australian Spirit to a ship Yard in Portugal to have a new rudder fitted. The Tug Arrived Early in the Morning on the 5th.

She is a relatively New Build, and Rated at 19000hp, has lots of power for the job.

Australian Spirit to be repaired in Portugal. Tug on way

The 19000hp tug Janus has sailed for Halifax to collect the Australian Spirit. She will then tow the Australian spirit to Portugal to be fitted with a new rudder. According to marine traffic the tug is due on the 6th.

It have heard that when the Australian Spirit was Inspected, it was found that the rudder shaft had broken and the rudder had fallen off. it was suggested that the rudder post may have been bent however the lower rudder gudgedon had marine growth where the bearing would have been, suggesting the whole thing was damaged in the past.

For more on the tug see:

Australian Spirit to Pier 9C

The Disabled tanker Australian Spirit was moved with tugs from basin anchorage to the New Pier 9 Expansion. The Transfer operation with American Spirit completed this Afternoon, and She saild for New York around 1600.

Tugs Atlantic Larch, Willow and Fir were in attendance, as was the Naval Tug Glenevis, marking the first time i can remember that a Naval Tug was involved in a commercial Operation.

Danny MacDonald Timelapsed the docking operation:
Of note, In the Chart Above, Everything (Except the Larch) is to Scale. The new Digby Ferry Canada2014 is about the same size as the Imo, the larger of the 2 vessels involved in the Halifax Explosion.

Ocean Charger to Load Cable.

The US Flagged heavy lift ship Ocean Charger arrived and tied up this morning to load project cargo.
This is the the first stop for a vessel of the sort at pier 9 in a while, though with recent upgrades, we should se more of this type of activity.

Ocean Charger is Owned and operated by Pacific Gulf Marine, and is unique with her 2 120ton Lattice boom cranes. Shipfax reports she will be fitted with cable tanks, and loaded with submarine cable.

Harbour Fashion for Pier 9

Today brought the arrival of Harbour Fashion, A Products tanker to Pier 9.
Wilsons Fuels has a facility there to top up their Barrington street tank farm, and sees a couple of vessels per year.

She Sailed from Trois Rivers Quebec, on the 5th. I see no active coasting trade license, so is suspect she is importing oil, ad making 2 deliveries.

Photo to Follow.

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