What Does it Cost To Port in Halifax?

Ever wonder how much it costs to anchor in the Harbour, Or order a Pilot, or Tugs?
The Halifax Port Authority has all this information in the Tarrifs List.

from the Summary:
Harbour Dues $0.0531 per gross registered tonnage (grt) per vessel entry;
$0.0265 per grt for Canadian flagged.
Berthage Assessed at $0.0457 per grt per 12 hour period or part thereof up to 24 hours;
each succeeding 12 hour period or part thereof assessed at $0.0276.
Berthage is capped at 40,000 grt.
Anchorage After the seven days, assessed at $0.0115 per grt per 12 hour period or part thereof up to 24 hours;
each succeeding 12 hour period or part thereof assessed at $0.0068.
Passenger Charges In respect of continuous voyages or for voyages originating or terminating at the Port, charges are
as follows:

  • For each passenger $7.850
  • For each vehicle $9.332

administered by the Atlantic Pilotage Authority.
One way trip: $482 basic charge, plus $2.05 per unit. Minimum charge is $725.
Moveage (shifting): No pilot boat used: $386 basic charge, plus $1.64 per unit;
Pilot boat used: $433 basic charge, plus $1.85 per unit; Min. charge is $652.
Units are calculated as follows: [vessel length(m) x vessel breadth(m) x vessel depth(m)] / 283.17

Towing rates
Eastern Canada Towing.
charge per tug docking/undocking (excluding tankers):

Gross Registered Tonnes Area 1 Area 2
0 to 10,000 grt $1,215 $1,600
10,000 to 20,000 grt $1,715 $2,235
20,001 to 30,000 grt $1,810 $2,290
30,001 to 50,000 grt $1,935 $2,470
50,001 grt and over $1,985 $2,515

Area 1: Halifax waterfront from Pier 9 to Pier 42, Dartmouth from Tuft’s Cove to IEL Dock
Area 2: Bedford Basin


Purdey’s Shoal to get Smaller

Today, Harbour Development Placed the Dredging Barge over Purdy’s Shoal to remove it. The shoal Became A hazard to shipping since the dockyard installed its force protection boom, moving the shipping lane east, and over the shoal.

Reports to VTS indicate the barge will be on station until march.



The Canadian Navy fireboat, YTR 561 Firebird, battles a blaze aboard MV Caruso, Ex CCGS Sir Charles Tupper, moored at Dartmouth’s marine slips in Dartmouth, N.S. on Saturday, Oct.11, 2008. (Photo THE CANADIAN PRESS / Andrew Vaughan)

more here



The Woodside Area is home to several wharfs 

Google Map of Woodside
Woodside Industries
A Division of Irving Shipbuilding, They are currently working on the PSS Chemul Accommodation Platform. Their facilities are outlined bellow, from the Irving shipbuilding website.

  1. Main Assembly Shop – 114.5m x 29.9m x 23.7/12.2m. Complete with 2 x 40 tonne, 2 x 20 tonne, 2 x 15 tonne overhead cranes and 2 x 1 tonne crane
  2. Pipe Shop – 46.1m x 18.5m
  3. Warehouse – 40m x 24.6m, complete with heating & sprinkler systems
  4. Additional stores – 15m x 15m
  5. Laydown Area – 2,200m2
  6. Offices – 600m2
  7. Load-Out wharf – total length 229m
  8. Module Assembly Pad – 13,600m2
  9. Module Shop – 2500m2

Ferry Terminal and IEL Wharf

Metro Transit has the Woodside Ferry dock on the left, And to the right is the IEL Warf, Home to Atlantic Towing tugs Atlantic Larch and Atlantic Oak. Also in the picture are Atlantic Elm, And the brand new Atlantic Beaver.

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