British Research Vessel at Pier 9

the British flagged research vessel Commander Iona arrived last week and tied up at pier 9. She was built in 2008, and recently refurbished in 2015. Owned by Hays Ships Ltd, of Aberdeen, she’s outfitted for survey work, and is likely here as part of BP’s upcoming exploration program.


Saturday Arrivals


Maersk Penang made the weekly stop today at Pier 41. NYK Demeter Tied up at Fairview Cove. Both arrived for 8am. Maersk Penang sailed mid afternoon, with NYK Demeter sailing in he early evening.


Serenity Ace tied up at autoport for 5pm. Cap Lara spent the day at anchorage 1, awaiting CFIA Moth inspection. The first vessel of the ear to stop for this. She arrived for 9.


Also making appearances today were the tanker Citrine, who anchored in the basin, Atlantic Huron for National gypsum at 8am, and CSL Metis, who anchored, and will take Atlantic Hurons place at Nation Gypsum.



Fusion runs a regular service from Halifax to the French islands of St Peirre and Miquelon. She Previously traded on the route under the name Fort Ross, And was renamed when she was replaced by Dutch Runner, a nearly identical vessel with different owners when the contract changed hands. She returned to service when the contract came back. The Nills B also filled in when Fusion was undergoing maintinance.

The Vessel is Very flexable, Having holds,Cranes, Container Mounts, and a ramp allowing RORO cargos.


NT Dartmouth, where is she Now?

The Former Halifax Bunker Tanker NT Dartmouth has been found. She is now registered in Honduras as Dartmouth, and has her last known location was Santo Tomas Guatemala. Santo Tomas is Guatemala’s largest port, and features a cruise terminal, so its very likely she is working as a bunker tanker there as well.

NT Dartmouth was replaced in Halifax by the larger Algoma Dartmouth, Largely due to environmental regulations that baned single hull tankers. NT Dartmouth’s Canadian registry was closed in Dec 2010, though she was past her annual inspection and suspended by her class in Aug 2010.


NT Dartmouth

NT Dartmouth Normally lives at Pier 34, and provides bunkers to Ships, as well as topping up NS Power’s Plant at Tufts Cove.

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