M/V Miner Update.

As you may recall, the M/V Miner ran aground on the shoals off Scatarie Island, after a towline broke. The ship was uninsured, so the the salvage attempts were called off after removing pollutants at the Taxpayers expense. The Plan was to figure out what to do in the spring.

This October 13 (Steve Wadden – Cape Breton Post) Photo Shows there likely wont be much left by spring.


Caribou and Smallwood on the Beach in Alang

The Former Newfoundland Ferries Caribou and Joseph and Clara Smallwood (renamed Caribo and Smallwood, when transferred to a foreign flag) Have arrived at their fate – the beach In Alang, India to be broken up. Both Ships Stopped in Halifax for bunkers on August 31, before heading for the Mediterranean (Smallwood gave Port Said Egypt as the Destination, and Caribo Gibraltar).

The Image was emailed to me last night by a Source.


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A week ago, Dexter made comments about the tax payer being on the hook for the Cleanup. Dexter’s comments made no sense at the time, as the vessels insurance company would pay for successful salvage. However, now a week later, it appears that the Miner is the sole asset of the company that owns it, and is uninsured. I suspect Dexter knew this when he made the comments, As it came out today from the Mammoet Salvage Master commented that the De-Oiling was paid for by the Coast Guard.

With no Insurance, there is no motive to attempt salvage. It appears that the options are to have the government remove the ship, or leave it there. I suspect leaving it is unpalatable for political reasons.

Photo CCGS, Via CBC.


Evans Mckeil, and HM Dock 1

Evans McKeil Arrived with the barge HM Dock 1 and Tied up at Navy L. They will be taking the remaining Oberon Class Submarines to ontrio where 2 will be scrapped, and 1 will be turned into a museum. The 4th was towed to Rimouski PQ, and is already a Museum.

That tow, By the Tug Jerry Newberry had issues with the toeline parting, which I suppose was the reason to transport the remaining subs on a barge.


Sold for Scrap

The Chronicle Herald reported today that

A DARTMOUTH company has won a contract worth more than $4 million to remove, dismantle and dispose of two mothballed warships tied up in Halifax Harbour.

Aecon Fabco won the tender to dispose of the former HMCS Terra Nova and HMCS Gatineau with the lowest bid

The company plans to tow them to its Pictou shipyard for dismantling.The ships should be towed out of Halifax by December, said Lianne LeBel, a Defence Department spokeswoman.

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