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More towing issues

Looks like the tug Charlene Hunt snapped a tow line and is having trouble reconnecting.

See shipfax  for more on the tug. (which waited out weather in Halifax in Dec, and arrived in newfoundland damaged due to additional weather.

(Left) To Vessels at bottom are the Charlene Hunt and the CCGS Cape Roger. Initial reports were that the Lyubov Orlova was drifting out to sea.

CBC news is reporting:

A derelict Russian cruise ship that left St. John’s this week for the scrapyard is drifting in open seas.

The Lyubov Orlova finally left St. John’s Harbour on Wednesday afternoon after being tied up for nearly two-and-a-half years.

It was being towed to the Dominican Republic to be scrapped when the Coast Guard was notified on Thursday that the tow line had snapped.

It happened about 12 kilometres east of Cape Race.

No one was on board the Orlova at the time.

There were high winds in the area Thursday evening, with five- to six-metre waves, causing more issues for the ship – though a spokesperson for the Coast Guard said those winds should diminish overnight.

The crew of the tug boat Charlene Hunt was trying to reconnect the line. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard vessel Cape Roger is en route to monitor the situation.

The Coast Guard is advising mariners to be cautious if travelling through the area.

MV Miner Staying Put for Now

Reports are that the Bennington Group, who was contracted to remove the M/V Miner from Scaterie island has pulled out. The Miner was being towed to Turkey for scrapping when the tow line parted and she ran aground. Given the closesness to winter, Miner will likely remain where she is at least until the spring.

The CEO of Bennington repededly complained that any metals of value had been removed from the ship, and sited burocracy for delays.

I Suspect the real reason for the pull out is that Bennington realized it would cost more to Scrap the ship then the scrap was worth, and now want to cut their losses.

CBC News Reported

The head of the company contracted to salvage the MV Miner said he is walking away from the project.
Abe Shah, of the New York-based Bennington Group, said he met with officials from Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources on Tuesday.
Shah demanded the province cover his insurance and equipment going forward.
He said he was refused, and said he has decided to walk away from the salvage project for good.

Shah said he has spent more than $300,000 on the project. He said he plans to sue the province for compensation.
On Oct. 29, the province lifted a stop-work order on the project after reviewing safety plans. At the time, the head of the Bennington Group, said he was ready to turn his back on the salvage because of continuous delays.

The MV Miner has been stuck off Cape Breton’s coast for more than a year. It was en route to Turkey when the towline snapped and it ran aground.

Fate of the Scotia Dock II

It Was announced that the bulk of a 300 million dollar loan for improvements to the halifax shipyard would be for the replacement of the Scotia Dock II. It appears that the First step – the Scrapping of the Scotia Dock II is underway.

It was noticed that Her Canadian Registry (Yes, the Scotia Dock II is a vessel) Was closed on June 22 of this year. In more recent weeks, her name has been painted over, and most recently her on board cranes appear to be in the process of being decommissioned.

CBC News reported that the Scotia Dock II has been sold to Southern Recycling, a metal recycler on the Gulf of Mexico. The Chronicle Herald also reports that the Scotia Dock II was due to depart within 30 days (of June 22) once she was made seaworthy enough for the trip to the gulf. UPDATE: the Port reports the Tug EILEEN MCALLISTER is due tommorow, and shows the Kent Line agency as the vessels agent. Kent Line is an Irving Company. This suggests departure may be iminant.

M/V Miner Update.

As you may recall, the M/V Miner ran aground on the shoals off Scatarie Island, after a towline broke. The ship was uninsured, so the the salvage attempts were called off after removing pollutants at the Taxpayers expense. The Plan was to figure out what to do in the spring.

This October 13 (Steve Wadden – Cape Breton Post) Photo Shows there likely wont be much left by spring.

Caribou and Smallwood on the Beach in Alang

The Former Newfoundland Ferries Caribou and Joseph and Clara Smallwood (renamed Caribo and Smallwood, when transferred to a foreign flag) Have arrived at their fate – the beach In Alang, India to be broken up. Both Ships Stopped in Halifax for bunkers on August 31, before heading for the Mediterranean (Smallwood gave Port Said Egypt as the Destination, and Caribo Gibraltar).

The Image was emailed to me last night by a Source.

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