Sorry for the lack of Updates as of late. I have moved, and have been renovating.
As im now higher, AIS coverage should be well out into the approaches, as well I have a view of the basin, so expect new phot angles too.
A More regular volume to return in September.


AIS Coverage

As you have noticed, I have Live AIS Coverage of the Harbour.
The web interface is provided by marinetraffic.com, which is sent Via Siitech’s VTSLite, from a AIS receiver I have..
I have recently moved the receiver from The office, to the bedroom, and can now see all the way to the Pilot station off Chebucto Head.

If someone has a larger antenna they are not using, i would love to see if I can improve coverage even more.



So .. I pondered setting up a blog on the comings and goings in Halifax Harbour, I’ve set it up, lets see if it takes off.  If your a haligonian, and want to write for it, Please drop me a line, or also send me a note if you have a hot tip about what’s going on.

Reach me here
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