Second Tall Ship Arrives – Roseway.

The Roseway (Above) tied up at Histroic Properties. The Unicorn also moved here late yesterday.

Historic Properites is the old Pickford And Black Wharves – Pickford and Black were ship agents and Chandelers. The Photo below is form the Notman studio, Via the NS Archives, and showes the wharves when they were in use.

The Pride of Baltimore II and the Peacemaker are due 1000, and the Gazelia Primera is due at 1300 today.


Weekend Visitors

Tall Ship Gazellia Primero Arrives  Wednesday the 18th  at 1300 expect Pride of Baltimore II and Bounty to follow that evening.

The French Navy Tug Malabar (A664) is due Thursday(19) morning, as is the US Coast Guard tall Ship
USCGC Eagle.

The USS De Wert and USS Hurricane are due 0800 Friday(July 20th)

The is also a Foreign Naval vessel  USS Scranton is due Saturday- Its a submarine, so shes going to Shearwater


The First Tall Ship Has Arrived!

The first tall ship has arrived. The Unicorn has entered the Harbour and marks the begining of tall ships festivities.

The Gazelelia Primera, Pride of Baltimore and Bounty are all off Yarmouth, and are expected this evening.

Better Photos To Follow
 Bellow – On Arrival, Via Novascotiawebcams.com

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