US Navy Visit – July 20th

War of 1812 Commemorations, and Tallships Events will coincide  with a US Navy Visit.
The USS De Wert, a U.S. Navy Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate, is one of a flotilla of U.S. and Canadian ships that will be touring the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System this summer from July 20 through September 21 in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.  In addition to the USS De Wert the ships scheduled to participate in the tour include the coastal patrol boat USS Hurricane, and the Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigate HMCS Ville de Quebec.

The Tour kicks off July 20th in Halifax, and then heads to quebec, and around the Great Lakes.


More from 1984

Sagres II (Portugal)

Gloria (Columbia)

Gazela Philadelphia (USA) former Portuguese banks schoooner Gazela Primero, since renamed Gazela

Our Svanen

I Also learned that the 1984 Tall Ship Event was Mared With Tradgedy.  Wikipedia Tells us about the loss of the Marques.

The Marques won the first tall ships’ race, from Puerto Rico to Bermuda. The ship left Hamilton on the second race, bound for HalifaxNova Scotia, on 2 June 1984. On the night of 2 June the ship ran into a gale. In the early hours of 3 June she was hit by a sudden squall and a large wave, possible arogue wave, and was knocked down onto her starboard side. Although the ship had been converted to a sail training and charter cruise ship, she had retained the main cargo hatch from her days as a commercial vessel. When she was knocked down the main hatch was breached and water flooded into the interior of the ship. She sank in less than a minute, with the loss of 19 of her 28 crew members.


Tall Ships Circa 1984

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a Selection of photos from the very First Tall Ships NS – Circa 1984. First up, We have A visitor from earlier this year – Venezuelan Navy tall ship Simon Bolivar

Next We have a familiar face, The Bluenose II

The Soviet Navy Sail Training Vessel Kruzenshtern, A Difficult get I would imagine in 1984. If the Tug looks familiar, its the Florence M, during her time as Point Vibert with Eastern Canada Towing and Salvage (EC Tug).

Finally we have this unknown American Schooner, I belive to be the Harvey Gamage passing the EC Tug Wharf.


French Navy Sail Training Vessels Belle Poule and Étoile

The French Navy sail training vessels Etoile (A649) and Belle Poule (A650) arrived in Halifax this morning and tied up at Tall Ships Quay. They most recently took part in OP Sail events in the US, However are booked for an event in France the week Tall Ships is in Halifax.

Both the Étoile and the Belle Poule joined the Free French Forces during the Second World War, a deed for which they are still honoured by flying the French flag with the cross of Lorraine. They were both Launched on 8 February 1932.

UPDATE: They Depart Tomorow.


Tall Ships In Lunenburg

While the Picton Castle is off sailing the Atlantic, you can always check the progress on Captain Moreland’s other venture, the Twin Schooners Project at the Dory Shop. the plan is to build 2 nearly identical Schooners at the same time – so far so good.

You can also check on the progress on the Bluenose. They are currently making preperations for her re-launch, which will require the dismantling of the building she’s in so they can move her sideways to the launching ways. The Lunch is Scheduled for July, and then she will be rigged. Her crew returns June 1.


Tall Ships NS Attendies Confirmed

Tallships NS has now confirmed a list of Attendies. As HSN reported earlier, the tall ships Americas Members are all in attendance, as well as 3 addtional vessels curretly parcipating in OPSAIL Events. They are the schooners Tree of Life and Roseway, and the Sloop USS Providence, a replica of John Paul Jones‘ first command.


Halifax Locals Silva, MAR II, CSS Acadia, HMCS Sackville and Theodore the Tugboat will also be in Attendance.


3 Masted Schooner Sedna IV at Maritime Museum Wharf

An arival earlier this morning the Sedna IV Tied up at the Maritime Museum Wharf.

The Sedna IV is a 50 metre (165 ft) three-masted schooner which has been used for scientific expeditions and the filming of documentaries. Currently on a special research voyage called 1000 Days for the Planet, Jean Lemire and his crew are visiting Halifax waterfront from April 21-23 as part of Waterfront Development’s Visiting Ships Program.

Tomorrow, Sunday, April 22 (Earth Day), the vessel will be open for free, public tours. There is a limit of 20 people per tour and pre-registration is required.

Tour times will be available at 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Please sign up at Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Information Desk, 1675 Lower Water St.

For more information on the ship, and 1000 Days for the Planet, visit http://my-waterfront.ca/halifax/events-halifax?event=89

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