Moving tankers – Alpine Loyalty moves the last of the crude.

The products tanker Indian point completed discharging refined product at the Imperial Oil terminal, and proceeded to anchor.

 The crude carrier Alpine Loyalty arrived from the outer anchorage to load unrefined crude and take it to another Canadian refinery. She had been in the outer anchorages waiting for a Coasting trade license to move 120,000 barrels of unrefined crude to another refinery – either in St Johns, or Via Pipeline from Portland Maine to refineries in Ontario and Quebec. This Crude is presumably the remaining unrefined oil after the plant shutdown.

Update: 10/10/13 Alpine loyalty sailed at 1500, giving PAULSBORO USA as her destination


Woodward tankers

Today: Travestern, Sister Alsterstern was here 2 weeks ago.
Given her low freeboard, she appears to be loaded, Given  her last destination was St John’s, she is likely carying refined product for the Ultramar facility, or is here to get bunkers before hading back to Newfoundland and points north.


Dartmouth refinery to Convert to Terminal

 Looks like Imperial Oil is hutting down the refinery, and Converting to a terminal operation, Like Ultramar did previously. this means that Imperial Oil will basically operate a tank farm which recives refined product by tanker, and then distributes it, by tanker, truck or Rail.

This will also mean an end to the Larger tankers Visiting Halifax, as refinded product tankers tend to be smaller then the Crude Oil Carriers.

From the Imperial Oil Press Release:
Despite interest in the refinery assets over the past year, Imperial was unable to attract a buyer to continue operating the refinery. The initial start-up of the converted facilities is planned for later in 2013 depending on progress with facility modifications in the coming months. Decommissioning surplus facilities will be a multi-year process.

The refinery began production in 1918 and has throughput capacity of approximately 88,000 barrels per day. Approximately 200 employees and 200 contractors are employed at the refinery and related terminals. Minimal changes are expected to the operation of the related terminals located at Dartmouth, NS, Sydney, NS, Corner Brook, NL, Sept-Iles, QC and Cap aux Meules in the Magdalen Islands.

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