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Bunkering Confirmed

With the arrival of Victorious, and her Barge to the McAsphalt dock yesterday, today brought the movement of the Algoma Dartmouth from pier 9 to alongside for transfer.

UPDATE: A clear day allowed me to get the shot today (01.31) It appears the  tug/barge will be topping up Algoma Dartmouth Directly.

UPDATE: Better Image Below

More Product tankers

(Above) Maersk Elliot tied up at IOL. Maersk Tankers are not a comon site, though there offshore vessels and container ships make regular appearances.
(Below) AlgoScotia Waits at anchor. She is Sister to AlgoNova, Who reported a fire yesterday morning.


Fire on AlgoNova

the Herald reports that a fire occurred on the AlgoNova 9am this morning, 83km North of Gaspe. JRCC Dispatched a helo  and a C-130 from Greenwood, to the Honuedo Straight.

AlgoNova departed Halifax on Friday. Another Commercial Vessel and a CCGS Ship were also standing by to render assistance.

AlgoNova was built in 2008. She was Bound for Quebec.

UPDATE: Tug Ocean Arctique underway to offer assistance and possibly escort to Sydney.

UPDATE: No Additional News, However identical twin vessel Algo Canada suffered an explosion in 2009 after tanks were improperly vented using a procedure that was valid for Algoscotia, but not Algocanada due to differing equipment designs. TSB Report can be found Here

UPDATE: 21 January 2014 — The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is deploying a team of investigators to Sydney, Nova Scotia, to investigate a fire that occurred on board the tanker vessel Algonova. The TSB will gather information and assess the occurrence.

Tankers at Anchor

Various product tankers have been shuffling around Imperial oil as of late, with vessels going to anchor, moving to the  oil docks and then back out to anchor. Alice (Above) anchored on arrival yesterday, moved to the oil dock later in the day, and then moved back to anchor this morning.

Energy Pioneer spent some considerable time in the outer anchorage, moving to sea periodically due to weather. On arrival, she anchored, and North Contender moved from anchor in the basin to the Oil Dock.

Irving Oil to Replace Wharf?

Reports are that as a result of the refinery shutdown, Irving Oil is looking to rebuild their wharf at woodside. Irving currently Has a tank farm at woodside, however since their old wharf was condemned, have been accessing it via Imperial Oil. recently core drilling has been taking place in its vicintiy.

With the Shutdown of the refinery, Other Oil Producers will want to have less reliance on Imperial Oils facilities – Especially Irving, who now operated the only east coast refinery in Canada.

(Above – Irving Tanker Acadian at Imperial Oil Wharf) See this ShipFax Post for photos of the old Irving Oil Dock

Harbour Fashion for Pier 9

Today brought the arrival of Harbour Fashion, A Products tanker to Pier 9.
Wilsons Fuels has a facility there to top up their Barrington street tank farm, and sees a couple of vessels per year.

She Sailed from Trois Rivers Quebec, on the 5th. I see no active coasting trade license, so is suspect she is importing oil, ad making 2 deliveries.

Photo to Follow.

Moving tankers – Alpine Loyalty moves the last of the crude.

The products tanker Indian point completed discharging refined product at the Imperial Oil terminal, and proceeded to anchor.

 The crude carrier Alpine Loyalty arrived from the outer anchorage to load unrefined crude and take it to another Canadian refinery. She had been in the outer anchorages waiting for a Coasting trade license to move 120,000 barrels of unrefined crude to another refinery – either in St Johns, or Via Pipeline from Portland Maine to refineries in Ontario and Quebec. This Crude is presumably the remaining unrefined oil after the plant shutdown.

Update: 10/10/13 Alpine loyalty sailed at 1500, giving PAULSBORO USA as her destination

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