Pilot Boarding

Or rather disembarking from the Ellen Knutsen, who stopped into halifax for bunkers and supplies a few weeks ago.
some day ill get a shot at the pilot station – alas i came close once, but they boarded on the offshore side of the ship.


Laid Up Ships

The Economic downturn has Lied up 2 ships so far in halifax waiting for work.
The M/V Georgia S – A Gypsum Carrier is now Laid up in Anchorage 11 at the north end of the Bedford Basin. The Gypsum business has dried up as new building is down. (gypsum being the main ingredient in the plaster used to make Drywall).

The M/V Maria Desgagnes is currently tied up at Pier 33, awaiting work after coming out of the Halifax Shipyards. (Seen Here behind the NT Dartmouth)



Currently Tied up at Pier 9, Brand Spanking new.

Here Seen Entering the Narrows.

From The Ship Watcher:
“HALIFAX, NS – Algoma Tankers newest fleet member arrived in North America early Monday after traveling from Turkey where it was recently completed.

“The vessel arrived at the Port of Halifax today after a fairly uneventful winter crossing,” said Catherine Calvert of Algoma Tankers via email today. “She of course experienced some heavy weather (throughout the trip).”

Algocanada is scheduled to come into service once some final items are attended to in Halifax. The vessel will then begin work in the Atlantic East Coast and Great Lakes regions.

No formal dedication ceremony is planned at this time.”

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