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Tug Penn No. 6 with Barge #120

Tanker barges are a common sight in US waters but much less common elsewhere. US Crewing regulations require a much larger crew fro a tanker of similar size, However a Tug requires a much smaller crew, and the barge, an even small crew then the tug. LoopHole…

Towing the barge in.


Taking the barge up on the hip.

Tieing up at the Dock.

Bitu Sea

The Asphalt Tanker Bitu Sea spent the day in port for bunkers. Asphalt tankers are similar to normal Chemical/Refined Product tankers except that they are heavily insulated to keep the cargo hot and liquid, and the majority of the handling gear is enclosed.

She is headed to Fortaleza Brazil.


SE Potentia Finishing unload wind turbine parts.

Gulf Spray removing garbage from the Cruise ships.

London Express Departing. in a fairly rare occurrence, OOCL New York Anchored in the basin this morning until she could clear the pier.

Tanker Afrodite at anchor – she is scheduled to move to IOL Later this afternoon.

Russian Research vessel AKADEMIK IOFFE at pier 27.

Collecting Tankers

Imperial oil is still shutdown due to a lighting stike/ moved up planed maintinance. As a result, there seems to be a collection of tankers waiting to depart with product, since loaded tankers seem to have no problems unloading.

The Shuttle Tanker Mattea Arrived, offloaded and left.

Marvea Anchored, Uloaded and then Procceded to anchor in the basin.

Meriom Glory Unloaded and anchored up in the basin.

Alpine Hallie breifly anchored, and the began to offload at IOL.

Finally the Sichem Osprey arrived at the outer anchorage this morning.

Updates From the Past Week

Weather has kept Spotting to a minimum.

Salvanguard arrived with Boa Barge 36. They are now tied up at pier 25/26.They Were installing the Production Platform for Deep Panuke.

The Tanker Acadian Anchored, then moved to IOL. She departed On Thursday.

The AFL New England Arrived on Wed, and tied up at Fairview Cove, Offloading containers. She loaded today, and is scheduled to sail Today at 15:30

Locomotives arrived at Halterm, So expect a visit from Jumbo Shipping. This load is equipped with “normal” couplers, so I suspect they are for a North American Client. If anyone Trainspotters know what they are, please Comment.
UPDATE: From CP9524 on
“These units are GT38ACe, build at EMD London for PTKA Sumatra in Indonesia. Six units have been ordered and from what I gather all are finished and in-transit.

These are the first units of this model to be built. They feature an eight cylinder 710 and narrow gauge trucks (hence the need to be transported on flat cars). ”

African Fern Tied up at the Grain Elevator. Her Sister African Dahlia was in port a few months ago.

of course, the Usual suspects have all been in Attendance.