Tankers in the Narrows

The past few days has been busy for tankers in the Narrows.
Skylark Tied up at Nova Scotia Power on Saturday, and sailed Sunday.

This morning, the Woodward Group tanker Nanny tied up at Pier 9. Wilson’s Fuels has a pout there to refill their tank farm, though here previous ports were Baker Lake and Come by Chance, so she may be here for supplies or repairs.



STI Seneca (Forward) and Alpine Duke (Aft) appear to be nearly done their offloads at Imperial Oil.
Alpine Duke sailed form Port Arthur, and STI Seneca arrived from New Orleans. STI Seneca is also a new build, having only entered service earlier this year.


We have Gas!

 The Tanker Acadian at Imperial Oil. She is the second of 2 tankers resupplying Nova Scotia with fuel. Note the recently added scrubber added to the back of the Funnel.

The first tanker arrived Friday, and Sailed Sunday. Acadian Arrived on Saturday, and was still unloading today.


Departing Tankers

Asphalt Star outbound for Portland. The smaller Asphalt Spring was outbound for New Haven. earlier today.

Both ships conducted a product transfer yesterday in the basin. the Asphalt Spring had been in port for a week waiting, and the Asphalt Star arrived from Tarragona Spain, and then anchored in the basin to transfer product. Presumably asphalt star is to large to make it to New Haven. This is the third such transfer to occur in Halifax in recent memory.

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