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Aias for bunkers

The unladen tanker Aias stopped for bunkers on her outbound trip form the Canaport facility in Saint John NB. Despite being home to Canada’s largest refinery, the Port of Saint John does not offer bunkering services.

After topping up her tanks, She sailed out around noon bound for Whiffen Head NF.

Almi Navigator to Anchor

The Tanker Almi Navigator Dropped the hook in Anchorage 1 to take on bunkers. The Algoma Dartmouth is still secured at Pier 9, suggesting that winds may be too high for bunkering to take place.

Built in 2013 and Liberian Registered, she is larger then the Australian Spirit.
She last offloaded cargo in Point Tupper

Australian Spirit to be repaired in Portugal. Tug on way

The 19000hp tug Janus has sailed for Halifax to collect the Australian Spirit. She will then tow the Australian spirit to Portugal to be fitted with a new rudder. According to marine traffic the tug is due on the 6th.

It have heard that when the Australian Spirit was Inspected, it was found that the rudder shaft had broken and the rudder had fallen off. it was suggested that the rudder post may have been bent however the lower rudder gudgedon had marine growth where the bearing would have been, suggesting the whole thing was damaged in the past.

For more on the tug see:

Australian Spirit to Be Offloaded

The Australian Spirit is now anchored in the Bedford Basin. there are conflicting reports that she either outright lost her rudder,or its hard to port. Given the work the stern tug did, and the vessels track, it would seem that the rudder is hard over, and not missing.

The tanker Americas spirit is due early afternoon today, and will anchor in the basin. She will then move alongside the Australian spirit, and transfer cargo so that repairs can be made. it is unclear if all the tanks need to be emptied, or if they will only empty the stern ones, leaving the bow down, and exposing more of the rudder.

UPDATE: Americas Spirit  Arrived late on the 15th, and tied up alongside Australian Spirit on the 16th and began the transfer operation.

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