Traffic Tieups Due to NY Port Closure.

A rare Sight, a very lightly loaded OOCL Antwerp is at anchor in the basin for a few Hours this Morning. Halifax is suffering from a traffic jam, as a result of the Sandy induced Port Closure in New York.

Italy Express (right) is Tied up, Scheduled to depart later today bound for NY. Duseldorf Express (left) was likely also affected, and is taking bunkers. Zim Panama is also waiting for Halterm in the outer anchorage.

Photos to Come.

Below OOCL Antwerp Boarding her Pilot to move to Fairview cove in place of Italy Express


Misc Traffic

Bulker Torm Pacific Arriving to anchor in the Basin.

MM707 Towing a Towed sensor Array

CFAV Quest, Sailing in Circles in the basin. recent reports have her returning from a t rip to European Waters. There are photos of her in the Kiel Canal.

More Men on Ladders – boarding a Frigate:

The Rickmears Soeul also tied up at halterm with a load of wind turbines this past week. I have Junk Photos (mostly fence) so I wont bother posting them.

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