Big lift at shipyard

Word is that the overhead cranes will be installed at the shipyard this week. The Kone overhead cranes were delivered to pier 9 last week.

Irving has two of their largest cranes, A
Liebherr – LR1400 440 ton in the foreground, and a MANITOWOC – M-2250 300 ton, to lift the assembled cranes and put them into place. The overhead cranes themselves span the width of the ultra hall and are 200ton capacity each.



This blog started in 2008, a month or 2 after I moved to Halifax from Ottawa.
I attended remembrance day ceremonies at the Monument, I have taken numerous tours of Parliament; heck we used to park behind the library on weekends when we went downtown for something.  I know yesterdays crime scene well.

The whole thing unfolded in a very calm Canadian way. People were calm, and followed instructions. A Mountie got his man, and Parliament sat today, Honoring one hero’s actions and another’s loss.

we feel anger when we loose a soldier in a training accident – its needless. Its tragic and noble when we loose one operating over seas – they knew the risks and went anyway. I don’t have words for loosing a soldier standing watch over a monument to those who fell for our freedom.


Jana crew stranded in Argentia NF

(HALIFAX, Nova Scotia) — International Transport Workers Federation inspector Gerard Bradbury has reported another vessel and crew stranded in the port of Argentia in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Bradbury said the crew of the Jana comprised of three Russians and eight Ukrainians contacted him stating they had not been paid since June of this year with outstanding wages topping $120,000 for current and former crew. The Jana has provisions for less than a month and fuel for less than 10 days.

“Contact has been made with the current owners in Germany,” said Bradbury. “We are awaiting word for the plan for the ship, but something has to be done as this crew doesn’t have many options.”

ITF Canadian coordinator Peter Lahay has also been in touch with a liquidation company with some interest in the vessel. They hope that the ship can be sold before winter sets in.

It was around the same time last year that the vessel Navi Wind ran into problems with safety and was blown back into the port of Argentia where it was discovered the crew were owed more than $100,000 in back wages and also had a long list of safety issues that the ship was detained on.

Jana has made at least 2 stops in halifax with rails for CN 


Silva Runs Into Trouble

Tonight the JRCC coordinated a response to the tall ship Silva of York Redoubt with 51 Persons on board. The vessel apparently lost power and required the assistance of a tug to return to port.

JRCC Tasked 3 CCGS Vessels and a  413Sqn Cormorant to assist.

photo left thanks to Ben Wedge, Top Thomas Myrden both via Twitter


HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen for a visit

The Norwegian frigate HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen  arrived yesterday for a port visit. As first of class, several of her sister ships  have visited halifax in recent years. Including Thor Heyerdhal http://blog.halifaxshippingnews.ca/2012/06/norwegian-navy-visitor-hnoms-thor.html and Roald Amundsen http://blog.halifaxshippingnews.ca/2009/05/hnoms-roald-amundsen-returns.html

She was commissioned  in 2006.
She is tied up at NB4 behind HMCS Preserver. The ferry will give the best view
File photo above

HMCS Iroquois to be paid off January 2015

As expected today’s technical briefing brought details of 4 warship decommissionings. 

HMCS Iroquois will prepare for its official paying off ceremony in January 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Cracks were found in the hull earlier this year, so this news was not unexpected.

HMCS Preserver is rapidly approaching the end of its operational life, which was planned for 2016. This Was a surprise announcement. 

  Engineering surveys conducted in recent months identified levels of corrosion in HMCSPreserver that have degraded the structural integrity of the ship below acceptable limits, specifically in the vicinity of the port side boiler room.

 As a result of its current material state, and considering the relatively short service life remaining for HMCS Preserver, the cost to reinstate this ship to full operational capability does not represent a responsible use of public funds. HMCS Preserver will therefore cease its operational life, remain alongside and prepare for pay off in the near future.

On the pacific side, 
HMCS Algonquin was involved in a collision at sea with HMCSProtecteur while conducting exercise manoeuvres en route to Hawaii. There were no injuries. The ship was able to return to its home port of Esquimalt, BC, to undergo a full damage assessment.

 It was assessed that HMCS Algonquin suffered extensive damage to its port side hangar and remained alongside in Esquimalt. Considering the relatively short service life remaining for HMCS Algonquin, which was scheduled to be retired in early 2019, and its current state of repair, the cost to re-instate this ship to full operational capability no longer represents a responsible use of public funds. As a result, HMCS Algonquin will begin preparations for pay off in the near future.

HMCS Protecteur will be officially retired after sustaining serious damage in a fire in February 2014. An extensive assessment of HMCS Protecteur has concluded that the ship was damaged beyond economical repair.

 Considering the relatively short service life remaining for HMCS Protecteur, which was scheduled to be retired in 2017, and its current state of repair, the cost to re-instate the ship to full operational capability would not represent a responsible use of public funds. As a result, the ship will remain alongside and be prepared for disposal as early as is practically feasible.

Balmoral to skip shelburne

Yesterday’s cruise ship arrival Balmoral is skipping it’s scheduled stop in shelburne due to the lack of a harbour pilot.

Shelburne is a non-compulsory area for pilots, and there is one, however he is reportedly currently on leave.
The captain of the Balmoral being unfamiliar with the waters and lacking current electronic charts, decided to bypass the port.
Though disapointon for town businesses, in light of the disasters caused by errors In confined water maneuvering (Costa Concordia and Queen of the North) it was a prudent decision.