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 Fishing Trawlers end up getting converted to all sorts of stuff. Take Cape Chidley. Built in Pictou in 1976 as the Esther Boyd for Canso Seafood, She fished until 2001, and was laid up in Lunenburg in 2009. Her Surveyed market price was $225,000us.

She evidently found a Buyer, As she is now the M/Y Yacht Hop, and configured as a transport yacht from the Caribbean to French Riviera by a Frenchman.


Halifax Shipyard’s Graving Dock now a National Historic Civil Engineering Site

Today the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) officially designated the Halifax Shipyard’s Graving Dock as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site. Now owned by Irving Shipbuilding, the large dry dock was constructed in the 1880s for shipbuilding and repairs. It has functioned during two World Wars and is still serving the industry today. According to the CSCE’s Program of Designation, the 173-metre-long and 24-metre-wide graving dock is a remarkable engineering accomplishment: at 125 years old it is still performing, essentially according to its original design. At the time of its construction, it was the largest dry dock on the Eastern Seaboard and could handle the world’s largest vessels.

The Graving Dock remains a critical part of Irving Shipbuilding’s operation to this day.  Currently in dock is HMCS St. John’s, one of the Canadian Navy’s Halifax-Class frigates.  Originally Irving-built at Saint John Shipbuilding, seven of these ships are now in the midst of a refit program.  It can take anywhere from 12 – 18 months to complete each ship.  The program began in 2011 and will continue into 2017.

It is fitting that the Graving Dock has been recognized for its significance from a historical civil engineering stand-point.  It has survived the Halifax Explosion, several World Wars, and the inevitable advancement of the industry from wooden to steel ships as well as the exponential growth in vessel size and weight.  It helped repair several thousand ships during World War II and now is the repair site for our Navy’s current combatant fleet, in the very shipyard that will construct the Navy’s new combatant fleet beginning in 2015.

The Ocean terminals At pier 20 are also Registered as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site


Odd Ship Tied up in Sheet Harbour.

The E-ship 1 Delivered Windmill parts to Sheet Harbour This past weekend. The Vessel is rather unique as it is propelled by the wind. Her first voyage was in 2010. The ship is owned by the third-largest wind turbine manufacturer, Germany’s Enercon GmbH and is used to transport wind turbine components.

The E-Ship 1 is a Flettner ship: four large rotorsails that rise from its deck are rotated by the ship’s engines. The sails, or Flettner rotors, aid the ship’s propulsion by means of the Magnus effect — the perpendicular force that is exerted on a spinning body moving through a fluid stream.


Top 10 Interesting Ships to Visit Halifax

1. Suction Dredge HAM 318

2. Fairlane with tug
Jumbo Shipping Carries Heavy Items – Including other Vessels.

3. M/V Swan delivers Seajacks Kraken
A Dockwise vessel brought the Jackup platform Seajacks Kracken.

4. M/VTern and HMCS Chicoutimi
Dockwise vessel to bring damaged Submarine to Victoria

5. Arcegy Falcon
A pipe Laying vessel that was working on the Deep Panuke Project.

6. HMS Protector – A bright red warship? yep.

7. Dockwise Triumph And Rowan Gorilla III
Another Dockwise vessel – this time with a Drill Rig onboard.

8. USNS Grapple
US Navy Salvage Tug. She stopped on her way to recover US Airman found in an aircraft from the second world war.

9.USNS Wright – She is a Aviation Logistics Support Ships built for the United States Navy in 1968. She Provides the Marine Corps with helicopter support.

10. Amazon
Amazon is a 102-foot (31 m) long screw schooner ex-steam yacht built in 1885 at the private Arrow Yard of Tankerville Chamberlayne in Southampton

EDIT: Hmm. Perhaps I had too many Dockwise vessels. To correct that See 10A and B below.

10a)Turanor Solar 
worlds largest Solar powered Ship

 10b)FGS Planet 
German Navy research Vessel with Swath Hull.


Seismic supply vessel Mainport Pine

The seismic supply vessel may port pine arrived this morning ad tied up at pier 25. But like an offshore supplier she is purpose built to swap crews and supply’s on seismic survey vessels. In the past smaller offshore supply vessels have filled this role.

Mayport Pine was delivered earlier this year.

Cabot to sail tonight. More issues with Connaigra

Oceanex is putting Cabot back into service due to further issues with Connaigra. Cabot has been tied up at pier 9 and will be sold for scrap.

Cabot is due to sail tonight, and will take over Connaigra’s run on the 22nd in Montreal.
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