USNS Grapple

USNS Grapple arrived this Morning, and Tied up at NB, Next to the Casino.  Still unsure why her arrival was delayed by a day.
Grapple was heavily invoved in the recovery of SwissAir 111 off Peggys Cove in 1998.


USNS Grapple to Visit Tomorrow (July 6)

The USNS Grapple (T-ARS-53) is a Safeguard-class salvage ship in the United States Navy. She is homeported in Norfolk, Virginia. She is Due to Arrive Tomorrow around 0800

She was Originally Classed as a Warship, with the “USS” Designation, but was then transferred to Civilian operation with the Military sealift command, and took on the “USNS” designation.

 You Can visit the Ships Website Here

UPDATE: As of 1400, USNS Grapple is due tommorow the 6th, and not today as originally reported.


Unusual Ship at Anchor

The SS Wright (T-AVB-3) is currently in the outer harbour anchorage. She is a Aviation Logistics Support Ships built for the United States Navy in 1968. Despite Being in the ready reserve, she appeared to be conducting Flying operations, which may explain why she is anchored more to the west then normal.

Wikipedia tells us that She is

The lead ship of her class of two, she was originally laid down 1 June 1968 at Ingalls Shipbuilding, Inc. of Pascagoula, Mississippi as SS Mormacsun, a Maritime Commission type (C5-S-78) Ro-Ro vessel under Maritime Administration contract (MA 224) for Moore-McCormack Lines. Launched 1 July 1969, she was delivered to the Maritime Administration (MARAD) 1 February 1970 and subsequently renamed SS Young America (date unknown). Again renamed SS Wright (T-AVB-3) on 14 May 1986, the ship was assigned to MARAD Ready Reserve Force (RRF), MSC PM-5 Sealift Program Office, Logistics Prepositioning Force.

Wright provides support for Marine Corps helicopters and is maintained in reduced status ROS-5 (five day reactivation status) at Baltimore, Maryland.

Photo to follow (hopefully)


Sub Update

The Chronicle Herald reported that the boat is USS Boise (SSN-764) – A Improved Los-Angeles class sub based out of Norfolk Va. She was here for Memorial Day Commemorations on Dead Mans Island, where 200 US sailors are Buried from the War of 1812.

She is scheduled to sail today at 1400.
(Photos to follow)


Fleet Week

A List of Ships visiting Halifax Canada Day Long weekend to celebrate the naval Centennial.
From: http://www.seawaves.com/portvisits.asp

FGS KarlsruheF 212
NE Cisne BrancoU 20
FGS KarlsruheF 212
FGS SpessartA 1442
HDMS AbsalonL 16
HDMS Knud RasmussenP 570
HNLMS AmsterdamA 836
HMS Ark RoyalR 07
HMS LiverpoolD 92
HMS SutherlandF 83
RFA Fort VictoriaA 387
HMCS AthabaskanDDH 282
HMCS AthabaskanDDH 282
HMCS HalifaxFFH 330
HMCS TorontoFFH 333
HMCS FrederictonFFH 337
HMCS MontrealFFH 336
HMCS Corner BrookSSK 878
HMCS ShawiniganMM 704
HMCS MonctonMM 708
HMCS Glace BayMM 701
HMCS SummersideMM 711
USS GettysburgCG 64
USS BarryDDG 52
USS BooneFFG 28
USS Robert G BradleyFFG 49
USS CarrFFG 52
USCGC DepnendableWMEC 626

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