Mexican Navy Barque ARM CUAUHTEMOC has arrived


Cuauhtémoc arrived this morning – Her Crew put on a good show, manning the masts for her arrival at the Cable Wharf.
She will be open for tours 11-4 today, and 10am-8pm Friday, Saturday to Sunday.
Before sailing at 10am on the 16th.
Cuauhtémoc is named after the last Aztec emperor and servea as a training vessel for the Mexican Navy. She is the last of four sister ships built by the Naval Shipyards of Bilbao, Spain, in 1982, based on a design similar to the 1930 designs of the German firm Blohm & Voss so she is a modern version of the  USCGC Eagle. Her contemporaries Include Gloria (1968 columbia) Guayas (1977 Ecuador) and Simon Bolivar (1980 Venezuela)

USS Hampton, US navy Sub visits Halifax

Word from MARLANT is that the visiting US Sub is the USS Hampton. A Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Sub, She was launched in 1992, and is named after four cities: Hampton, Virginia; Hampton, Iowa; Hampton, South Carolina; and Hampton, New Hampshire.

She is Home-ported at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego, and arrived after a 5 week deployment in the Arctic. She is tied up at Shearwater.



newest US Warship, USS MILWAUKEE

The Latest Littoral combat ship, LCS5, USS MILWAUKEE arrived in Halifax overnight on her way to her home port. This Variation of the LCS is built in the great lakes built by Marinette Marine in Marinette, Wisconsin and commissioned on 21 November 2015.

So far each of the Ships has stopped in Halifax (Freedom in 2008, Fort Worth in 2012) on their way to thier home port. USS Milwaukee’s Home port is San Diego, California.

Shes currently riding at anchor, and is due to move to a navy pier tomorrow.


FS Monge – Rocket Tracking Ship

FS Monge, A French rocket tracking ship pulled into port this morning.
The ship is named after the 18th century mathematician Gaspard Monge and serves a Missile Range Instrumentation Ship – She tracks and measures rocket trajectories. She was built for the trials of the Submarine-launched ballistic missiles of the Navy, and is also used to monitor the launch of Ariane rockets. Conceivably she can also track other countries missiles and rockets as well.

She was commissioned in 1992, and is 225m Long.


Another USCG Visitor.

The USCG bay Class Icebreaking Tug Bristol Bay arrived this morning and tied up at Tall Ships Quay. Sister vessels Morrow bay and Thunder bay Have stopped here in the past. These tugs tend to work the great lakes in the winter, and the Atlantic coast in the summer.

The USCG James is due to Depart around 3pm today.


USCGC James to visit Today

The US Coast Guard Cutter James arrived around 2pm today. She is brand new, having just been commissioned on August 8 in Boston.

The 5th National Security Cutter, at 418′ in length they are similar in size to a Canadian Patrol Frigate. They also Use the same 57mm gun. The builder has proposed 2 frigate variants, so this may be a technology show for the Single Surface Combatant to be built under NSPS.

I believe she is the First National Security Cutter to Visit Halifax.


USCG Campbell in for port Visit

USCGC Campbell (WMEC-909) is a United States Coast Guard medium endurance cutter based at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. She arrived this morning for a visit, and tied up at the dockyard.

File Photo. It didn’t snow.

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