We frequently get some common questions, so it’s time to put together a FAQ.

1. How do you do the ship tracker thing?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. The service itself comes from marinetraffic.com, who allows the embedable google map centered on the location you choose.

All vessels over 350grt are required to transmit an ais signal (automatic identification system)on VHF. I have a standard VHF antenna connected to an ais receiver. The ais receiver converts the VHF signal to an NMEA sentence. The NMEA sentence is sent to a laptop running ship plotter which displays the signal on a chart or radar
Like display, and sends the update to marinetraffic.com.

NMEA is a common standard for navigation devices to communicate with each other. An ais sentence will contain a vessels name, position, course, speed, destination, eta, and mmsi number.

2. Who is the Signalman Guy on Facebook and Twitter?
The Signalman has no name, But he was used in the 1954edition of the Admiratlys Manual of Seamamship to Illustrate semiphore. I have scanned the Page Bellow: