Coast Guard Icebreaker, Balder Viking’s New Name revealed.

Noticeably absent from the announcement yesterday by Davie of the re-floating of the Balder Viking was the ships new Coast Guard name.

I’m told this ship will be named the CCGS Captain Molly Kool – Named after the the first woman In North America to hold a Master Mariner License. The ship will be Commissioned in St. John’s

Wikipedia has a brief biography of her life.

Update – the ship was imported and registered as Balder Viking, and it has not yet been renamed. i also goofed and used Vidar viking as the name, not balder – these points have been corrected.

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1.Lifeboats head west

2. Openhydro continues

the latest on openhydro

3. BP doesnt find oil.
BPs partner has announced in a filing that commercial quantities of oil were not found in its drilling program. Shell returned their leases, presumably after not finding anything either.

4.Vidar Viking finished.
Davie announced the completion of the first ship, However with the first ship complete, Canadian Press is reporting Davie and Federal fleet have delivered on time, but not on Budget, with the costs of the project increasing by 217 million.

5.Open House Saturday

6. Job Fare – Be a SeaFarer
Want to be A Seafarer? Attend SIU’s job fair tonight.





Nov 13 1915 – Barque Calburga floundered in heavy weather off Strumbel Head, Wales, while carrying timber from Halifax.

Nov 12, 1928 –  The Lamport and Holt Lines passenger ship Vestris sank in the Atlantic after being swamped by two huge waves.

Nov 11, 1976 – HMCS ALGONQUIN assists fisheries protection vessel Chebucto in arresting two Cuban fishing vessels suspected of illegal fishing in the Halifax approaches

Nov 10, 1813 – The warship Atalanta was wrecked near Halifax Harbour. The ship sank in only twelve minutes but the entire crew were saved.

Nov 8, 1728 – Captain James Cook Born on this day.  He spent his early career in Canada


Weather delays

once again weather is restricting movements into and out of the Harbor. CATHARINA SCHULTE and BOMAR REBECCA were both due at Halterm overnight, but are still sailing around the mouth of the Harbour. the Bulker Algoma Integrity was due to depart from national Gypsum, but remains tied up there.

winds are still strong, at 23 Knots, Gusting to 34, and are forecast to remain so until tomorrow evening, however waves appear to have subsided with a Max height now just 4′ compared with 10′ last night.

UPDATE 0930 – CATHARINA SCHULTE took her pilot and is headed inbound.

Saturday Weather.

Weather was an issue on Saturday, with some ships moving, and others waiting it out. CMA-CGM Chennai, at just over 10000teu was forced to wait out her call until 15:00 on Sunday. She was worked over night, and sailed before noon on Monday.

With CMA-CGM Chennai not entering port Saturday morning, other container ships were moving.

Dimitra C, the former MOL Priority, arrived, and  waited in the basin for Dalian Express to free the Western birth. With Dalian Express Clear, she backed in and tied up.



also working Fairview Cove on Saturday was Atlantic Sky in the the West birth.

USS Wichita Arrives




USS Witchita,LCS-13, the newest Freedom Class Littoral combat ship arrived this morning. The ship is headed to her home port after completing construction in Wisconsin, and being accepted by the US Navy August 22. USS Sioux City Arrived on the 6th, having also been delivered on the 22nd of August. She was the first LCS I missed photographing due to work and weather.

The others to Call So far include:

USS Freedom – Nov 2008
USS Fort Worth – Aug 2012
USS Milwaukee – Dec 2015
USS Detroit – Nov 2016
USS Little Rock – April 2018

Visiting Tuesday – US and French Warships

Tuesday  features tow visits by foreign naval vessels.

the First – USS Witchita, the newest Freedom Class Littoral combat ship is due in the morning, likely tieing up at the dockyard around 7:30 am. the ship is headed to her home port after completing construction in Wisconsin, and being accepted by the US Navy.

the second ship – BSAH Rhone is a support ship belonging to the French Navy. Bâtiment de soutien et d’assistance hauturiers (BSAH)  vessles will be used by the French Navy for rescue missions, environmental protection, work in military ports and general support for other navy units.Commissioned in June of this year, the ship is the second of four vessels in her class.

ths ship is on quite a tour – She tied up in Esquimalt at the end of September.

BSAH Rhone will be a dockyard 3:45-4pm ish.

Algoma Adds A Tanker

Algoma recently purchased the Swedish registered tanker Ramira, and registered it in Canada as AlgoNorth. The 2008 Turkish built tanker is scheduled to sail on the 12th from Goteborg Sweden for Canada. as the ship is registered in Halifax, its likely this will be the first stop.

A Products tanker, she is 135 meters long =, and similar in size to the other products tankers Algoma operates.

747 Crashes at End of Runway 14 YHZ

Wednesday Morning a Sky Lease Cargo plane, operating as flight KKE 4854 arrived from Chicago and slid off the end of runway 14 while landing at YHZ. the crew of 4 suffered minor injuries. the The plane took out the localizer antenna at the end of the runway, had the landing gear collapse, and lost both inboard engines. A large crease (below) suggests this is a Hull loss incident.

the 747-400 was arriving empty to load seafood for china. Im told the Chinese characters on the other side read “Have fish every year”


A TSB conference yesterday suggested weather may have been a factor, with strong Tail and cross winds, and Rain at the time, the Incident occurred at the end of the shorter of the 2 runways – with strong winds and rains the pilots decision to use that runway will also be a source of inquiry. the TSB reports the winds were 250degress magnetic, which is almost a perfect cross wind fro landing on runway 14.

in 2004, another cargo plane, also a 747 crashed on takeoff. MK airlines flight 1602 was not configured properly for flight, and crashed at the end of runway 23.  AC 624 landed short of runway 05 in March 2015. Improvements made after the crash of MK1602 likely significantly reduced the severity of that crash.


Operations were more or less normal, with the main 05/23 runway in operation, while the investigation continues.


UPDATE 11/14:

ATC Audio is available. the video also lists some limits for landing.

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