Weekly News Bits

Super-size container ships will stop in Halifax New Service to Halifax – Nine post-Panamax vessels are part of the newly enhanced service. The vessels are part of a vessel-sharing arrangement with Mitsui O.S.K (MOL).


Shipping Lines Open New US – Asia Container Route In May

No-name boats did yeoman’s service: Fairmiles largely forgotten but played big role in escort, coastal patrol during WWII

Also April 14th was the 98th anaversary of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.


Fleet Week

A List of Ships visiting Halifax Canada Day Long weekend to celebrate the naval Centennial.
From: http://www.seawaves.com/portvisits.asp

FGS KarlsruheF 212
NE Cisne BrancoU 20
FGS KarlsruheF 212
FGS SpessartA 1442
HDMS AbsalonL 16
HDMS Knud RasmussenP 570
HNLMS AmsterdamA 836
HMS Ark RoyalR 07
HMS LiverpoolD 92
HMS SutherlandF 83
RFA Fort VictoriaA 387
HMCS AthabaskanDDH 282
HMCS AthabaskanDDH 282
HMCS HalifaxFFH 330
HMCS TorontoFFH 333
HMCS FrederictonFFH 337
HMCS MontrealFFH 336
HMCS Corner BrookSSK 878
HMCS ShawiniganMM 704
HMCS MonctonMM 708
HMCS Glace BayMM 701
HMCS SummersideMM 711
USS GettysburgCG 64
USS BarryDDG 52
USS BooneFFG 28
USS Robert G BradleyFFG 49
USS CarrFFG 52
USCGC DepnendableWMEC 626