B.E. “Esmeralda” To Halifax, and other news

The Chilean tall ship B.E. Esmeralda Departs Quebec City Tommorow at 3pm for halifax.
One of her sailors made it here allready when a Sick sailor airlifted to Halifax on May 4.

Photos to come.

Also this week, on Friday, Halifax Inshore Rescue begins services for the season, and the first cruise ship of the year Holland America’s Maasdam Arrives


Laid Up Ships

The Economic downturn has Lied up 2 ships so far in halifax waiting for work.
The M/V Georgia S – A Gypsum Carrier is now Laid up in Anchorage 11 at the north end of the Bedford Basin. The Gypsum business has dried up as new building is down. (gypsum being the main ingredient in the plaster used to make Drywall).

The M/V Maria Desgagnes is currently tied up at Pier 33, awaiting work after coming out of the Halifax Shipyards. (Seen Here behind the NT Dartmouth)


News Bits

Titanic voyage planned
The Titanic Memorial Cruise website (http://www.titanicmemorialcruise.co.uk/) wants you to “reserve your place in history.” Onboard the MS Balmoral, a ship operated by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, whose parent company Harland and Wolff built the Titanic, passengers will be treated to the flavours of 1912.

Ahoy! Tall Ships in Tenerife
Ships will arrive in Halifax on Thursday, July 16 and and feature the Parade of Sail in Halifax on Monday, July 20 see http://www.tallshipsnovascotia.com/ for more details

Explore Georges Island
For the second year, OTANS has opened up Georges island to the public. One weekend only.


HMCS Sackville Salutes HMCS Toronto

Update May 18 2009:
HMCS Sackville fires its main gun in memory of Rear Admiral William Moss Landymore. Rear Admiral Landymore served in the navy for 33 years and was recognized for his wartime service during the Battle of the Atlantic. His ashes were spread outside Halifax Harbour during a committal ceremony aboard HMCS Toronto on May 1.

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