Sambro Island Light

The oldest Lighthouse in North America and the Caribbean, built in 1758 as a landfall lighthouse (meant to help mariners find land) She is visible for 24 Nautical miles (44km) You Cann See the light to the top left of the page in the background image. (which is a chart of Halifax by Captain Cook.
Every year, as part of Sambro Days, the NS Lighthouse Preservation Society runs 1 day tours of the island. A good view can be had from Sandy Cove.

The Island features a tight Harbour

The dock is a flatish rock with iron loops anchored to it for boats to tie up.

The Abandoned Keepers dwellings.

AFL New England

The AFL New England is falling into its schedule. She arrives on Wed,and offloads at fairview cove. Lately she has been able to remain tied to the pier until friday when loads are added, and she sails. This week was the same, however she moved to anchorage in the basin on friday rahter then putting to sea. It would seem there was likely no return traffic, and nothing coming to halifax next week.

Collecting Tankers

Imperial oil is still shutdown due to a lighting stike/ moved up planed maintinance. As a result, there seems to be a collection of tankers waiting to depart with product, since loaded tankers seem to have no problems unloading.

The Shuttle Tanker Mattea Arrived, offloaded and left.

Marvea Anchored, Uloaded and then Procceded to anchor in the basin.

Meriom Glory Unloaded and anchored up in the basin.

Alpine Hallie breifly anchored, and the began to offload at IOL.

Finally the Sichem Osprey arrived at the outer anchorage this morning.

Japanease Navy Visitors

Arriving in port this morning are 3 Vessels on the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. They were originally scheduled to arrive on the 11th, Hence them anchoring, instead of tying up directly at the dockyard.

Welcome to Our Japanese Visitors.

JS Mineyuki (DD 124) a Hatsuyuki Class destroyer

JS Asagiri (TV 3516) an Asagiri Class Destroyer – now classed as a Training Vessel

JS Kashima (TV 3508), a Kashima Class training vessel

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