Delayed Express

the Call by Dalian Express this weekend was beset by Delays. She finally sailed around 7:30 Last night.

On arrival she took to anchor in Bedford basin to wait for the departure of Alexandria to free up the western birth. she then moved into place, and was worked overnight, and then missed her sailing due to weather at the pilot station, spending the day alongside until she was able to sail last night.

Insignia – the saddest cruise call of the year.

The Cruise ship insignia arrived yesterday from Saint John. Due to Weather, they were unable to board a pilot to enter the harbour until 7:30 last night, several hours after they were scheduled to sail. The ship required bunkers, so it waited out the weather watch, tied up at pier 24, and fueled from the Algoma Dartmouth, finally sailing at 0300 this morning.

the Port of Sydney announced last night that the ship would be skipping the call there today, and is now sailing direct for Quebec.

Port of Halifax Commences Berth Extension




the Following release was issued by the port today:

The Board of Directors of the Halifax Port Authority and the CEO are pleased to confirm that the work on the temporary South End Container Terminal berth extension has commenced, implementing its August 2018 board decision and announced at Halifax Port Days.

 The berth extension will ensure that the Port of Halifax will continue to be a vital link in the Canadian supply chain, facilitate global economic ties and provide access to international markets for importers and exporters.

 Construction is anticipated to be complete in Q1 of 2020.

A tender was recently issued, closing Nov 2 for the Dredging of the expanded area.

File Photo from the previous pier expansion work.

its a slow weekly news #22

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1.ACL Changes.
ACL is reducing the size of its Halifax office, laying off 15 staff and retaining 6. No changes are planned to the twice weekly call to Halifax, however Goteborg Sweden was dropped from the rotation, and will be served by a feeder service.

2. Ferry #5
the newest Halifax transit ferry, Rita joe will have her dedication ceremony Friday afternoon from 2-3pm at Alderney landing. the boat went into service on the Tuesday afternoon

3. in the Herald

this week i talk about the ever repeating history of the container business. Efficiency drives demand for bigger ships

4.CCGS Changes
the Feds announced the creation of an Arctic Region today. The Canadian Coast Guard currently has 3 operational regions: Western, Central and Arctic, and Atlantic. The Coast Guard will have 4 operational regions once the stand-alone Arctic region is established.
As well, the interim icebreakers being converted by Davie, will be less interim, and more permanent.



1. its nautical out.
that bad weather the other day – some kids went sailing, and it was awsome.


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#girlpower today with lots of female sailors battling the harsh elements out there today! @sailcanada @hellyhansen @women_on_water

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2.Ocean Terminals


Oct 22, 1943 – U537 lands a German automatic weather station, code named Kurt in Martin Bay, Labrador

Oct 21,1805 – 1805 Nelson leads the Royal Navy to victory over the Franco-Spanish fleet at Trafalgar
Oct 21 1910 – HMCS Niobe arrived in Halifax, making it the first Canadian warship of the newly formed RCN.

Oct 20, 1803 – the Garrson Clock on citadel hill began keeping time.

Oct 19, 1967: Cunard Steamship Co. announces cancellation of its Canadian transatlantic passenger ships between Montreal and Liverpool.

Oct 19, 1940 – auxiliary minesweeper, HMCS Bras D’Or, sank in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during heavy weather with all hands lost.

This week in the Herald

This week, I talk about the birth of the container industry, and its constant struggle to remain profitable in a repeating cycle of larger ships cutting costs, leading to more larger ships, leading to excess capacity, leading to more large ships.

the container liners are a big departure from the tramp steamers they replaced, bringing speed and a schedule where there was none previously.

For a much more detailed history of the shipping container, I suggest reading Marc Levinson’s The Box.

the Sun and the Moon..

Asian Sun spent today at pier 41 for Tropical Shipping. She is due to sail around 21:00 tonight.
Asian Moon has been tied up at pier 31, offloading nickle concentrate from Cuba. She is due to sail at 2300 tonight. (Both are file Photos)

the Nickle concentrate comes in bags, and are lifted out of the hold 12 at a time. once on the dock, forklifts take them into one of the transit sheds. they then get loaded into Gondola rail cars.


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Unloading mud

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