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1.More Container ports for NS.
Probably a bad idea says ACOA funded Study.

2. HMCS Sackville work period
The CBC reports that Sackvilles Work period is now going to run into next year – I suppose thats not surprising for a ship that was only built to last the war, and is now gong on 80 years old.

3.Stolen Car Exports
Stolen Cars are exported to africa in shipping containers, from the Ports of Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax. Montreal Police are not interested in investigating the thefts when suspicious car exports are reported by CBSA.

4.Naval Movements.
HMCS Moncton departed Halifax for a summer Great Lakes tour on July 9

5. Seakings get Paint Job – Head West.
Some Seaking’s have been identified and painted in their original paint scheme for museum use once retired. The helicopters are moving west, as 423 Squadron at shearwater is now only flying Cyclones.

6.Storm Movements
Offshore facilities have been evacuated, and Drill Rig West Aquarius has disconnected.


1. Tall Ships
The Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry Arrived in Lunenburg last weekend. She sailed Tuesday for For Boston.

2. Halterm from a crane.

Last week in History

July 12 1771 –  Lieutenant James Cook returned to England after his first voyage of exploration in the Pacific aboard Endeavour.

July 10 1970 – The MacKay Bridge opens to traffic.

July 8 1913 – CSS Acadia arrives in Halifax for the first time.
July 6 1943 – the tug Erg was rammed by a freighter and sank, with the loss of 19 lives. – She was Salvaged, and later re-sunk in the bedford basin.

Colregs reminder.

Someone Went to Work, and was Found Dead in the Harbour.

Monday morning, emergency services responded to a body in the harbour by the Mackay bridge. Given the location, and reports that emergency services responded to a technical rescue on the bridge the previous night, led people to assume it was a suicide.

Police, Later in the day, released a statement that a body was recovered from the Harbour, And that the investigation was being turned over to the department of Labour..

Wait.. What?!?

The DOL has since issued a stop work order at the harbour infilling site next to Fairview Cove, and the police dive team was seen working in the area. CTV have since reported that the Stop work order was issued to Scotiascapes Landscaping.

This means that not only was someone was involved in a workplace incident but also, and More Importantly, that no one noticed, as there were no other reported calls for service for a workplace incident, only for a body in the water.

We will keep this post updated with the Latest updates.

UPDATE 2018/07 15:00:

UPDATE 1600:

UPDATE 07/12 1000:
Trucks are back to dumping at the site today.

Top 10 Yachts to Visit Halifax

10 – 8. borrrrrriiiiinnnnng

Days Like this is White, and the epitome of Bland Luxury.

Destination Fox Harb’r was owned by Tim horton’s co founder Ron Joyce.

Dardanella has the lines of a trawler, and a crows nest, and isnt all white. A worthy Yacht for the #8 position.

7. Amazon

Amazon is a 102-foot (31 m) long screw schooner ex-steam yacht built in 1885 at the private Arrow Yard of Tankerville Chamberlayne in Southampton

6. Amer Sport 1/Spirit of Adventure/Esprit de Corps IV VOR60
Derek Hadfield’s yacht, the boat ran the Volvo Ocean race as AMER Sport 1, becoming Spirit of Adventure under Hadfiled’s ownership. She now sails as Esprit de Corps IV out of Quebec

5. Bread

Bread is reportedly owned by a Toronto bakery millionaire. Its facing a bit of an identity crisis with a sailing hull, and steamboat upper decks.

4. Khalilah

Khalilah was built by Palmer Johnson Yachts, and stopped into Halifax on her delivery trip to Florida. she reportedly belongs to a Russian millionaire

3. Hugo Boss IMOCA 60
Alex Thomsons’ IMOCA 60  stopped at the RNSYS at the start of a Eastcoast and great lakes trip.

2. Pangea

Pangea (first visit)  is owned by Explorer Mike Horne, and has been to Halifax twice.

1. Kamaxitha

Kamaxitha is a gorgeous sailing yacht – large and proper


Saturday Happenings

(Above)Arcia arrived on the weekly Maersk Call. Unlike last week’s call, she didn’t seem to attract additional attention from the CBSA. CMA-CGM Pelleas also called at Pier 41, on her weekly call. (Below) Nirint shipings’ Asian Moon finished unloading mud at pier 31, and sailed. Numerous pleasure craft caused her to make liberal use of her horn on her way outbound.

Buy a tall ship – or draw it with the flags in the right direction – Weekly News bits #7

For latest port conditions, Including Weather,Wind, Tides, Arrivals and Departures be sure to visit the Port Report


1.Ships Start in Australia.
Australia has chosen the BAE’s type 26 frigate as it next warship class. This ship is also a contender for the CSC.

2. Trade wars and Lobster.
Tariffs on US lobster to china will make the Canadian product more attractive.

3. Patrolling the wrong side of the border
US Boarder patrol has been inspecting Canadian vessels in Canadian waters on NB/Maine Border. We should park a frigate down there and tell USCBP to go away.

4.ROUTE Halifax Saint Pierre.

The results are in. the First across the line Honors went to Esprit de Corps IV – a VOR60 that was previously sailed by the Late Derek Hadfield as the Spirit of Adventure, and a previous race winner.

5. You can own your own Tall Ship.
The Caledonia is Still for sale. In 2012 the ask was 12 million. Her Creditors have now dropped the price to 1.5 million. Built in 1947, Caledonia was extensively refit in 2008, only to have her owners go bankrupt in 2010.


1. Historic USCG Lifeboat
CG36500 has been restored to working condition. the Boat and her crew took part in the rescue of the crew of the Pendelton in 1954, which broke apart during a storm. the story was the subject of the 2016 film The Finest Hours

2.Flag Direction on Full Rigged ships.
Sailor and Cartoonist Lucy Bellwood recently ran a twitter thread about the annoyance that is incorrect flag direction on Full rigged sailing vessels.

The Full explanation is available in this thread on Twitter need a Refresher on your sailing Rigs – See our Shipspotting 101 post.


This week in History

June 29 1799  – privateer Duke of Kent began her maiden voyage. she would go on to capture 8 French and Spanish ships.

June 30 1890 – the Halifax to Bermuda Cable is Completed.

July 2 1928 – Royal Navy Cruiser HMS Dauntless ran aground on Thrumcap Shoal

July 3 1970 – HMCS Bonaventure, Canada’s last aircraft carrier is decommissioned.

July 4 1843 – The first cargo of tea is delivered to Halifax, direct from China

Don’t Drink and Boat.

these videos have been around for a few years – they were produced for AV-OG-TIL, a Norwegian NGO working to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol. They aim to raise awareness of the dangers of Impaired boating.

How to dock like a Boss

How to Launch like a Boss

Look Whos Docking Now.

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