Halifax Shipping News began in 2008 as a blog called The Armchair Captain. The idea behind it came when I would become curious about the comings and goings in the harbour, and research to find their source. I figured if I was wondering, others would be as well, and so I would blog about them. 5+ years later, here we are.

This site is owned and operated by Peter Ziobrowski. Peter is a Senior IT System Architect, and holds a BA in the History & Theory of Architecture,as well as diplomas in Computer System Technology and Information System Security. His personal site can be found at www.ziobrowski.net

Media/Photo Enquires
Peter is available for media interviews on local Maritime issues. He also holds a large collection of photos of shipping subjects from Halifax suitable for publication.You can contact him directly via email at peter@halifaxshippingnews.ca

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Alright.. Here’s the pitch. – I’m local, your local, but most importantly your potential customers are looking at this site. Halifax Shipping News covers what’s going on in the Harbour. Thousands of people look out across the water every day, and when they want to know more about what they are looking at, they come to Halifaxshippingnews.ca to find out.
2012 brought us the return of the tall ships, the usual batch of naval visits, storms, sinkings and new launches. When it happens, Haligonians will come here to find out, and when they do, they will see you. Who knows what 2013 will bring!

What do you get?
You get an ad in the side bar. You will also get mentioned as a Proud sponsor of the page in the footer, and I’ll occasionally post and tweet about you. Your business will get well over 100,000 page views in the year (lately we have been averaging 20,000/month) for $300/year. We would also offer promotional giveaways at no extra charge.

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